Access to Training for Part-time Workers

Conference notes that: 1)the number of part-time workers has increased dramatically over the last 20 years. There are now 7.3 million part-time workers in the United Kingdom and over three-quarters of them are women; 2)in UNISON about 40 percent of our women members work part-time; 3)women working part-time are earning on average 40 percent less […]

New Ways of Working

Conference commends the National Women’s Committee for the hard work it carries out throughout the year. Unfortunately, the National Women’s Committee is faced with an unrealistic workload. The tasks arising from the previous National Women’s Conference motions, together with valuable time spent planning and preparing for the next annual National Women’s Conference, are impracticable. Motions […]

Flexible Working – Reality or Myth

The Prime Minister confirmed his commitment to improving employment rights in a speech at the TUC’s 2004 Congress. He said employers do not succeed by abusing employees (14 September 2004). The Prime Minister reaffirmed his position on a number of employment issues, confirming the government’s commitment to: 1)ensuring that people are able to exercise a […]

Championing the Cause of Older Women

Conference notes that older women are often invisible in society and minimised by way of their contributions at work. Conference congratulates government in developing legislation to counter age discrimination and requires the National Women’s Committee to examine UNISON publications to ensure that a positive image of older women is generated through UNISON publications.

Emails and Male Mails at Work

Conference is concerned that within many workplaces emails are generated that are sexist in nature and minimise the efforts of women as equals at work. Conference notes that views are often expressed through the medium of emails where they would not be expressed in person and are often derogatory or exclusionary of women and would, […]