Conference notes the December 2021 government policy paper ‘Our Vision for the Women’s Health Strategy for England’, published after 100,000 women shared their personal experiences around the way the health and care system listens to women. The document looked at the approach to women’s health by putting women’s voices at the heart of this work. […]

Women in work- The Motherhood penalty

Conference, the company, PwC, who are leaders in economic analysis in public and private sectors, recently highlighted in their Women in work index ( a fact that we already know – that Women raising children pay a ‘motherhood penalty’ in underemployment, slower career progression, and lower lifetime earnings. The increased burden of unpaid childcare, borne […]

Young women and the cost of living crisis

Conference believes the cost of living crisis has had a gendered impact, with the persistent effect of the gender pay gap and the higher likelihood that women are in part time or low-paid work. Conference notes the March 2022 research by the Living Wage Foundation which found that in addition to these inequalities, women are […]

Women and the Impacts of the Energy Crisis

Conference, on energy strategy, the government is leaving women in the cold. Women will shoulder some of the worst effects of soaring energy bills. Why doesn’t the government’s energy security statement do more for us? How much do low-income people spend on electricity and gas? According to an analysis by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, low-income […]

Women bearing the brunt of the cost-of-living crisis

Conference notes with extreme concern the continuing pressures women are facing as the cost-of-living spirals out of control, with the inflation rate hitting 10.1% in July 2022, this was the highest reading since 1982. Conference, Women are more vulnerable to the impact of the cost of living rises as 69% of low paid or insecure […]

Young Women’s Mental Health

Conference notes that in recent statistics published by the Office for National Statistics, in England and Wales rates of suicide amongst women aged 24 and under has seen the largest increase since records began in 1981. Although the reasons for this increase are not clear, conference notes that in an article by Mind, published in […]

Gender Pension Gap

Just as UNISON’s women members were getting to grips to working longer due to the increase in pension age (brought in to provide gender equality) we find that a woman’s working career is beset with hidden pitfalls that seem designed to wide gender inequalities and deny us our hard worked for pensions. A recent report […]

Disabled women and the cost of living crisis

Conferences notes the cost of living crisis which will disproportionately impact disabled women. Even before the pandemic, disability related expenses or the ‘disability price tag’ was on average £583 extra per month compared to non-disabled people, according to the 2019 Scope Disability Price Tag report. One in five faced extra costs of more than a […]


Yorkshire & Humberside Regional Women’s Committee believe free, community-based provision of sanitary and incontinence products should be available for all women and girls. A 2022 Action Aid UK Survey, as part of the Menstrual Hygiene Day; showed that in the UK 12% of women are now struggling to purchase sanitary products. They are now using […]

The Importance of Women Health and Safety Representatives

“UNISON has approximately 5,000 Health and Safety representatives across the union working hard to defend members’ health and safety at work. Over the past few years health and safety has emerged again as critical for protecting members’ rights at work. However, the gender balance of Health and Safety representatives in UNISON does not reflect the […]

Cost of Living and Tory Myths

Conference we are living in dangerous and difficult times for workers, for our members and specifically our women members. The basic necessities of life – food and heating are increasing at alarming rates. As a majority women members union, we are fighting to prevent pay awards becoming pay cuts. Whilst its true that this will […]

Domestic Abuse: A Workplace Issue

This conference notes that whilst there is often a proactive approach, policies, and systems in place for customers that organizations serve when it comes to tackling domestic abuse and violence there may not be the same levels of provision for staff. It is also recognized that whilst there may be workplace policies in existence; the […]

Menopause and Perimenopause: A Workplace Issue

This conference notes that whilst there is a better awareness and knowledge of menopause and perimenopause generally, some of which has been helped by Unisons comprehensive guidance on the Menopause, we as a union still need to further focus on specifically promoting this within the workplace. Women make up over 70% of Unison membership and […]

The gendered impact of the cost-of-living crisis and what this means for UNISON women

The Women’s Budget Group (WBG) have in 2022 produced a series of reports clearly highlighting the impact this post pandemic cost of living crisis will have on women. We are in the midst of combined high inflation rates, across the board price increases and significant income deficit for many through historic and ongoing low wage […]

Sexual Abuse and perimenopausal and/or menopausal women: A Union issue

One in 35 women are raped or sexually assaulted every year. You will know at least one woman who has been raped or sexually assaulted in the last 12 months. Whether the person shares this harrowing experience with you is another matter. Sexual violence is linked to shame and humiliation. In support of motion 15 […]