Rule D Service Group Conference

Add new rule D 3.4.9 “D 3.4.9 The Private Contractors National Forum may submit up to two motions and amendments to the Group’s National Conference.” Renumber current rules D 3.4.9-3.4.11 to D 3.4.10-3.4.12.

Rule D Service Group Conference

Add new rule D “D Two representatives (being members of branches in the relevant service group) of the Private Contractors National Forum at national level.” Renumber current rules D and D to D and D

Public Service Campaigning – Stop Outsourcing and Protect Members

Conference believes that keeping existing public services in – house should be the default position for all public services on the grounds that public services offer better quality, accountability, efficiency and social value to citizens, workers and tax payers. Any new forms of non public service delivery should not be considered until: 1)An in-house service […]

UNISON local government members supporting refugees

Conference is pleased to note that funding for refugee resettlement is to be increased. Whilst this targeted funding is welcome, it also raises concerns for staff working in local government who are already under extreme pressure from cuts in local government jobs and services, allied with increased demand from existing service users. Conference believes that […]

Rule P Application of Standing Orders

Amend Rule P 1.3.5 At the beginning of the third sentence insert the words: “The Private Contractors National Forum,”

Rule D The right to attend and speak

Add new rule D 1.7.6 “D 1.7.6 Two representatives of the Private Contractors National Forum at the national level.” Renumber current rules D 1.7.6.-1.7.9 accordingly.

Schedule C Elections

Schedule C 4 Add at end: “Where the law allows, the National Executive Council may determine that an election shall be by either postal ballot and/or electronic ballot.”

Living Standards Pay Justice and the Living Wage

Conference notes research by the House of Commons Library in January 2016, which showed that 2010-2020 will be the worst decade for pay growth in almost a century and the third worst since the 1860s. Conference considers this a damning indictment of successive Coalition and Conservative government policies on public sector pay, social security and […]

Health and Safety of Public Service Staff

Conference notes that when public services are under pressure from cuts and re-organisations that pressures increase on both staff and service users. Add those things to the Westminster government’s austerity agenda and we have a recipe for disaster. Employee’s health, safety and well being in the workplace are bearing the brunt of a nation ready […]

Bullying and Young Members

Conference recognises that the cuts in local government are adding to the already high levels of overwork. Staff are being asked to carry a heavier workload due to the reduction in staffing levels but continuing and sometimes increasing demands for services. In many councils the number of managers has been reduced with remaining managers expected […]

Bullying and Young Members

Conference notes with great concern the high number of our young members experiencing bullying and harassment within workplaces. In a recent survey conducted by the Scottish Young Members Committee it was found that 75% of our young members had experienced bullying and harassment of some variety. 7% of the 75% had experienced violence in the […]

Incapability Dismissals

Conference notes that some employers have introduced Incapability Procedures which are designed to make it easier to terminate contracts on the grounds of either ill-health or performance. Conference is concerned that these procedures are or will be used to remove workers from employment instead of making them redundant through cuts and therefore incurring the costs […]

The fight for fair sickness absence procedures and ‘Disability Leave’

Conference is concerned about the Treasury led consultation on the review of sickness absence in the public sector. This includes a review of current sickness management systems and sick pay. The review could lead to a weakening of rights and have a detrimental impact on disabled workers. The Conservatives have indicated their contempt for Employment […]

Local government members and the Housing Bill

Conference notes the proposed Housing and Planning Bill will have a devastating effect on existing and future social housing provision. The Bill proposes to: 1)Compel councils to sell off ‘high value’ homes on the open market when they become empty; 2)End lifetime secure tenancies, meaning the break up of stable and mixed communities; 3)Introduce means […]

Facility Time

This Conference notes that motions on cuts to facility time have been debated and passed at Local Government Conference in 2013, 2014 and 2015. This Conference notes that the motion passed in 2013 called for the development of ‘…practical and immediate support measures for branches facing cuts to facility time’. This Conference notes that the […]