Taking Effective Action within the Straitjacket of Anti-Union Laws

Conference condemns the worsening restrictions of the right to strike in Britain with the draconian Minimum Services Bill which gives the government the power to set minimum service levels for border security, education, fire, health, nuclear decommissioning and transport services. This will empower employers to issue a ‘work notice’ which will identify the employees required […]

Defend the Right to Strike

Conference is alarmed at the new Strikes (Minimum Services Levels) Bill for Great Britain which further attacks the right to strike and with draw your labour in this country. Conference believes that the right to strike is a fundamental human right and needs to be exercised now to win better wages and conditions in the […]

Rule G Branch Meetings

G 3.2 Insert new rule G 3.2: “G 3.2 From 1 July 2023 any branch meeting, including Branch Committee; General Meetings and Annual General Meetings can be held in person, online or hybrid.” Renumber subsequent rules.

Rule G Branch Officers

Insert new rule G 4.1.7: “G 4.1.7 All Branch Officers shall complete the Union’s mandatory data protection training within three months of being elected; and any subsequent annual refresher training.”

Make 2024 the Year of LGBT+ Workers

Conference believes that one of UNISON’s strengths lies in its recognition of the value and unique experiences lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender plus (LGBT+) people bring to the workplace and to our union and commends the work of UNISON’s LGBT+ committee to raise the profile of our LGBT+ members across the United Kingdom (UK). Conference […]

Rule G The Branch Secretary

G 4.2.4 Delete the current wording of existing rule G 4.2.4 and replace with: “In conjunction with the Branch Committee, ensure that the branch observes Union rules and the law with particular reference to data protection legislation to ensure that members’ personal data is processed compliantly and that all branch data breaches are reported to […]

Cost of Living

Conference notes that we are in a cost of living crisis with inflation and energy prices soaring, outstripping pay deals in every sector. The increases in interest rates and the impact on mortgages, and therefore also private renting, as a result of the Truss government’s failed economic policies have only heightened pressures on households. In […]

The Fat Cats are Still Smiling

Conference is only too aware of the ongoing mismanagement of water companies’ finances. Water companies need to be more transparent with how their organisations are being financed. A number of large Water & Sewage Companies have been with the begging bowl to OFWAT, the Government’s Water Regulator, for help yet are still taking out millions […]

A Vision for a National Care Service

Conference recognises the need for change in social care. The current system values neither staff or service users. It creates a low paid workforce and fails to recognise the skills required for the high quality social care that our most vulnerable citizens deserve. The current system across the UK enables and promotes a market approach […]

Supporting our Disabled Members During Sickness Absence Meetings.

Conference is only too aware that having trained reps to support and guide our members during sickness meetings is essential in obtaining a good outcome. Conference will further acknowledge that supporting our disabled members requires a further detailed knowledge of the Equality act 2010. Some managers in the water industry may be competent with day-to-day […]

Time to Shine a light on Dark Practices.

Conference notes that due to ever increasing expectations on our members more and more work is done out of normal working hours and in some cases routine inspections on wastewater treatment works is becoming the norm in hours of darkness. Of particular concern to our members are those sites with inadequate lighting, security or access […]

Social Care Crisis – The Urgent Need for Reform an

Conference notes that it has debated many motions over recent years on social care, including for older people. However, the problems remain. Conference is appalled that adult social care continues to exist in a state of permanent crisis and that the sector remains severely underfunded, with hundreds of thousands of elderly and disabled people being […]

Defend Our Right to Vote – Voter ID is Voter Suppr

Conference is deeply concerned at the changes in the law surrounding the requirement for mandatory voter ID at all general and by-elections in the UK and many other elections in England and Wales as part of the Elections Act passed in April last year. This is the requirement to show photographic proof of identity at […]

The cost living crisis on Ethnic Minority

The cost of living crisis on Ethnic Minority The cost of living crisis in the UK is disproportionality impacting on ethnic minority women workers, many of whom are part time workers. Black employees could see the hardest hit to their wage as inflation rates in the UK continue to surge. A report by the Womens […]

Cost of Living Crisis-Maternity Leave

The cost of living crisis is affecting everyone, with the inflation rate, hitting 10% last month, the highest levels in 40 years. The energy prices have rocketed and daily household expenses have also increased but wages are just rising by a maximum of just 5.2% (according to the Office for Budget Responsibility), with benefits increasing […]