Why we need to build a new housing consensus for affordable and decent homes for all

The neverending UK housing crisis means that millions of workers and their families live in expensive, overcrowded and insecure homes. Often these homes are long distances away from work or family and involve many hours of daily commutes. Conversely UNISON research has shown many families have grown up children living with them not out of […]

Rule D Structure of the Union at National Level

Rule D 2.1 Replace “a young members’ seat” with “two young members’ seats” Rule D 2.5 Amend title – replace “seat” with “seats” In first paragraph: replace “representative” with “two representatives, at least one of whom must be a woman” In second paragraph: Replace “seat” with “seats” Rule D 6.2 Replace “member elected to the […]

Stepping up the campaign against bullying and harassment

Conference reaffirms its policy of a zero-tolerance approach to bullying and harassment. Conference welcomes the development of the work by UNISON’s young members to raise the issue of bullying and harassment of young workers, and notes the disturbing results of the survey of young members conducted in October/November 2016 on this issue which revealed: 1)Nearly […]

Pensions and Climate Change

Conference acknowledges the importance of well sourced pension schemes that provide reasonable returns so that members can live with dignity after retirement. Conference acknowledges the value of legislative changes that allow trade union representation on pension boards as a positive step. Conference recognises that the threat of global warming to our environment and to the […]

Health and Social Care Integration

Conference notes that across the UK there are a number of current initiatives seeking to bring about the integration or transformation of health and care services. The Welsh Government continues to recognise this agenda as being of national strategic importance. These include, but are not limited to, the Five Year Forward View and Sustainability and […]

EU Exit and Workers’ Rights

Conference notes the Conservative Government’s plans for Brexit which represent a significant risk for working people in the UK. The EU has played a key role in protecting workers from exploitation, inequality, hazards and discrimination, and in promoting good employment practices. The referendum result does make Brexit a reality and that democratic decision must be […]

After the General Election

Jeremy Corbyn has inspired millions with his election campaign, and the fruit of that work was seen in the stunning election result which has stripped the Tories of any legitimacy to continue in government. It is a result that represents a massive rejection of austerity. Conference adds its congratulations to Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell […]

Housing Associations and Charities that refuse to recognise Trade Unions are Human Rights violators

This Community conference notes:- That a number of UK Housing Associations and Charities do not recognise trade unions for collective bargaining. Some of these employers are union busters and have de-recognised trade unions, attacked union representatives and blacklisted union and safety activists. The UN Charter of Human Rights, as well as International Labour Organisation (ILO) […]

Combating bullying and harassment of disabled workers in the Community Sector

Conference notes that workplaces in the Community sector are wide and varied ranging from national charities with thousands of workers to small organisations with a handful of staff. UNISON’s organisation within the Community sector is similarly varied with members being attached to national branches, dedicated community and voluntary sector branches, housing association branches. In some […]

Contracts and retenders

Conference notes that increasing cuts to local authority budgets and dwindling funding sources has led to contracts and retenders becoming increasingly competitive. More and more often the community sector has to compete with private companies. Contracts and future funding are being cut to the bone but the work required is being increased and the demand […]


Over the past few years the Fragmentation of the Community and Voluntary Sector has seen the decline of a number of community and voluntary organisations. This has resulted in the loss of staff and job roles leaving a void within the sector, where resources are diminishing. Speaking at the 2016 community service group conference in […]

Monitoring Activism

The National Black Member’s Committee welcomes the data it received from the UNISON RMS membership database in 2012. The data shows that there are fewer than average Black activists, but more white activists. The categories for Caribbean, African, Asian, Indian (UK other) needs to be updated and used to encourage Black members to become more […]

Caucus Meeting

This Conference notes that the Black members caucus meeting at the Community Service Group Conference is the only opportunity for Black members in the Community Sector to come together to discuss their issues. The caucus meeting have been used to identify potential motions for future Conferences as well as look at workplace and Branch issues. […]

Organising LGBT members in community

Conference notes that while the community sector is expanding rapidly, it is under unprecedented pressure, with workers expected to meet ever growing and more complex needs with decreasing resources. This is well-illustrated by the August 2016 report by the Consortium of LGBT voluntary and community organisations. 86% of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community […]

Staying alive – the impact of austerity cuts on LGBT workers in community

Conference notes the report “Staying Alive: The Impact of Austerity Cuts on the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Voluntary and Community Sector in England and Wales 2014, a report commissioned by the Trade Union Congress (TUC) which identified that reductions in funding from the public sector mean that LGBT community organisations are having to […]