Private Contractors and the KSF

This conference welcomes the framework agreement which has rolled out Agenda for Change into the private contractors who currently operate in the NHS. Conference believes that this should apply to the whole agreement and is concerned that a commitment to learning and development of staff may be lost. Conference calls on the Health Service Group […]

Organising Administrative & Clerical Staff

Conference recognises that many of the attacks on the NHS over the last few years have centred on Administrative and Clerical staff. These include: – 1)Outsourcing and offshoring medical secretarial work; 2)Centralisation of payroll functions; 3)Privatisation of payroll functions; 4)The wholescale privatisation of logistics in England. As the pressure for “efficiency savings” grows, workforce plans […]

MUFTI Allowance

Since the implementation of Agenda for change, many NHS employers have discontinued the practice of paying ‘mufti’ allowance . A Q& A issued from the Staff Council stated: Section 19, annex O “We have been asked for advice on ‘MUFTI’ allowances. There is no national provision for this within Agenda for Change. MUFTI is not […]

Needlestick Injuries

Conference notes the continued threat to health & well being of health care staff caused by needlestick injuries. Some estimates put the total number of exposures in the UK to blood borne viruses (HIV, Hep C & Hep B) in healthcare settings caused by sharps injuries as high as 100,000. It also notes with alarm […]

Trade Union Representation on Foundation Trust Boards

Doncaster & District Health Branch firmly believe that the current basis of the composition of Foundation Trust Boards is not conducive to good partnership working as Trade Union Representatives are not allowed on these Boards in any formal capacity. Guidelines issues by the Department of Health confirm this position and the branch is concerned that […]

Devolution and the Functioning of the Service Group Executive

Conference proudly acknowledges that the activists and staff who support our health members at UK, regional and branch levels are second to none in their commitment, knowledge, skill and expertise. Conference recognises the enormous amount of work that has been done for the benefit of our members and UNISON in the face of huge challenges […]


In the last five years the government has worked hard to introduce an unprecedented amount of legislation on equalities seeking to bring about an end to discrimination. However, despite these measures, many organisations are still failing to achieve their minimal compliance measures such as having an equality scheme and action plan on their web site, […]

Partnership Working

Conference welcomes the progress made in embedding partnership working between unions, employers and governments at national level in each of the four countries of the UK. Whilst recognising that UNISON has significant differences with Government over the marketisation of healthcare provision in England and Northern Ireland, we believe that where we share common perspectives there […]

KSF Implementation and Monitoring

We welcome Unison’s continued commitment to the implementation of KSF and the recent addition of training money to assist staff in lower pay Bands. We are concerned however at the lack of infrastructure and investment in many organisations to support its implementation. Many organisations have no dedicated staff resource to implement and guide staff through […]

NHS Members Transferred to the Voluntary Sector

Conference recalls that at the Health Conference at Gateshead in 2006 a resolution was passed concerning the position of UNISON members, most commonly working in learning disability services, who had transferred from the NHS to voluntary sector providers. Conference regrets that little progress appears to have been made in implementing this resolution, in contrast to […]

Integrated Care – Recruitment, Organising and Campaign Strategy

Conference notes the recent moves towards increasing the integration between health and social care in government policy in Scotland, England and Wales and notes that health care and social care are already fully integrated in Northern Ireland. Conference is concerned that moves towards further integration may have a huge impact on staff terms and conditions […]

De-skilling the Administrative & Clerical Workforce

Conference notes the reference to the reduction of medical secretarial posts and the creation of lower paid, lower skilled audio – typist roles in typing pools in Composite E carried at the 2007 Health Conference. Sadly this is a trend which is continuing within the NHS in England. Conference believes that this is a cynical […]

Outsourcing of Administrative & Clerical Staff – Continuing the Campaign

Conference congratulates all the groups of staff who have successfully resisted outsourcing of their work and jobs. In particular, the threat of outsourcing of medical secretarial work appears to have receded, largely as a result of the concerted campaign by UNISON members across the UK. However, Conference is concerned that other groups of A&C workers […]

Primary Care

Conference is concerned about the high levels of uncertainty and change continuing to take place in primary care across the UK. Many of these hold major risks, not just to the employment rights and security of members, but for the future of the NHS as a publicly owned and operated resource, providing healthcare free to […]

Keep the NHS Working

Conference notes that under the banner of Keep the NHS Working, UNISON continues to campaign at every level against the marketisation and privatisation of the NHS. By maintaining a high profile in the press and media, among ministers, politicians, employers and key influencers, UNISON has been effective in drawing attention to its concerns at the […]