Improving Working Lives

Agenda for Change – Mental Health Services

Agenda for Change – Facility Time

Agenda for Change – Renegotiations

Agenda for Change Second Ballot

Decontamination Strategy

DECONTAMINATION STRATEGY Submitted by Eastern Regional Health Committee This conference expresses the greatest concern at the late involvement of UNISON in the “National Decontamination Strategy “ described in Health Circular HC/17/04 to branches on 10th March 2004. It appears from the information contained in the circular that decisions have already been made on future strategy […]

Student Nurse Recruitment Strategy

This Conference notes the impact of our student nurse recruitment strategy. This Conference also congratulates those involved in recruitment into UNISON which constantly recruits more than competitor unions. Conference notes however the competitive “market” that exists with student nurses. This Conference resolves to review the present situation with regards to student nurse recruitment and report […]

Health Care Assistants

This Conference notes: 1.The successful regrading campaign for Health Care Assistants undertaken by Newcastle City Health UNISON; 2.This has involved updating the B Grade job description to take into account the changes and the development in roles of HCA’s since the grading structure came into being in 1998; 3.The campaign has involved HCA’s themselves re-evaluating […]

Fair Pay for All Staff

Conference notes that under Agenda for Change 16 different factors have been invented and have been weighted so that: ·hard physical work gains a maximum of 25 points but; · ·knowledge, training and experience is worth 240 points; · ·25 points are available to recognise tough working conditions yet; · ·360 points are available to […]

Nursing Recruitment and Retention Campaign

As part of the national campaign to recruit and retain nursing staff in UNISON, conference agrees that resources should be made available to enable all regions to establish or enter into relevant partnerships with existing library and nursing services databases to ensure that access to this range of professional services becomes a recruiting tool for […]

Access to Training and Education for “Non-Professional Staff”

Conference is concerned that access to training and education for “non-professional” staff is very limited or in reality non-existent in some workplaces. All staff in the NHS are important and essential to the delivery of services in the NHS. Therefore all staff should have equal access to training and education. Staff classified as “professional” are […]

Childrens Trusts

Conference welcomes the introduction of greater co-operation and joint working between health and social services as demonstrated by the introduction of Children’s and Older Persons/Adults trusts. Many of our members already work in integrated service under Section 31 funding arrangements or through other joint funding regimes on a variety of secondment or other employment arrangements. […]

Campaign for 35 hour week

This Conference notes that for some years we have had a policy supporting the call for a 35 hour week for all health workers, with no loss of pay. If the Agenda For Change proposals are agreed, some health workers would have their hours reduced (in some cases by stages) to 37.5 hours, but others […]

Staffing Levels

Conference deplores the cost cutting measures employed within NHS Hospital and Primary Care Trusts which have resulted in falling staff levels in wards, departments and community services throughout the Health Service. Low staffing levels result in increased ill health absences which only exacerbates the situation for those staff still at work. Moreover, staff are often […]

Low Pay and Agenda for Change

Under AfC the lowest spine point in Band 1 falls below the level of half male median earnings. All points in Band 1 fall below £6 an hour. UNISON’s submission to the Low Pay Commission asked for a minimum way of £6 an hour. In many areas UNISON branches have negotiated minimum rates for ancillary […]