Employment Rights

Conference is concerned about the proposed changes to Employment Tribunal practices, which have prompted UNISON to consider changes to its own criteria for supporting race complaints. Currently, UNISON supports race complaints to tribunals using a more than 50 per cent chance of success baseline. This baseline is currently under review with likelihood that UNISON will […]


Conference is concerned about the problems linked to complaints about racism in the workplace and the delays in addressing those complaints because employers seek to flout their responsibilities under the TUPE regulations. More public services are being transferred out of local authority control and as a result staff are now finding themselves based in the […]

The Rise of the BNP

Black members and black communities are deeply concerned about the rise of the Bristish National Party (BNP) and the election of the BNP to seventeen local authority seats in various parts of the country. Black members are extremely concerned that those charged with mounting effective campaigns against the BNP appear to be sticking to a […]

National Black Members’ Conference to be Held in November Each Year

The Scottish Region notes with grave concern at the loss of opportunity to hold its annual delegate’s conference in the year 2003. It notes that while other self organised groups had the opportunity of producing policies for their national committees to operate on, the National Black Members’ Committee (NBMC) is disadvantaged in getting the policies […]

Northern Complainant Aid Fund

Conference is appalled and concerned about the way in which the closure of Northern Complainant Aid Fund (NCAF) was handled by the Commission for Racial Equality (CRE). NCAF has consistently emerged as the best ever practice model for Race Relations Act (1976) ‘Section 44 funding aimed at assisting organisations concerned with “the promotion of equality […]

National Black Members’ Committee Support for the Development of Self-Organised Groups

The Scottish Region applauds the efforts of the National Black Members’ Committee (NBMC) for their continued encouragement, and support to the regional and setting up of the black members’ self-organised groups at branch level. The Scottish Region believes a lot can still be done, to enable self -organised groups to achieve their potential, in order […]

Promoting Equality Increasing National Black Members’ Committee Motions to National Delegate Conference

Conference notes that since the formation of UNISON vesting day self-organised groups have been enabled to send two motions to our union’s sovereign decision-making body, its National Delegate Conference, which takes place annually every June. Conference, the National Black Members’ Committee feels that in order for self-organised groups to be more effective at UNISON’s National […]

National Black Members’ Committee Seminar

Conference believes that black members continue to suffer discrimination in their workplaces. Scottish Region applauds the efforts being made to address the problem of multiple discrimination faced by black workers in their workplaces. However Scottish Region believes that more should be done. There is a visible need to raise awareness to address this problem, via […]

The British National Party

Conference notes that UNISON is the biggest public sector union with more than one million members, with membership density being concentrated in health and local government – two public services that play a key roles in the lives of all citizens. UNISON therefore has a vital responsibility to work to tackle racism and the attitudes […]


To promote a more cohesive and inclusive relationship between black members in the regions and the National Black Members’ Committee (NBMC), Conference instructs the NBMC to: 1)prioritise the action plan for the following 12 months, based on the motions passed at the National Black Members Conference at the first meeting of the newly elected NBMC; […]

Fighting the BNP

Conference notes: 1) the failure of the Nazi BNP to win a single seat in the North East of England in the last round of elections, despite devoting massive resources to the area; 2) the BNP stood a candidate in all 25 wards in Sunderland and failed to win a single seat; 3) in subsequent […]

Industrial Decline and Growth of Racist and Fascist Attitudes

Conference notes that in the last two to three decades the social reality has changed drastically. Heavy industries have suffered a meltdown, whole region become de-industrialised, and traditional working and social environments have changed radically. This has led to a growth in social exclusion and had a damaging effect on community cohesion. At the same […]

Regional Event for Black Members in All Regions

Each year there are black history monthly events across the country but these are varied in their links within the Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) communities or Black and Minority Ethnic voluntary organisations. If each regional black members’ committee were to organise events with all the BME voluntary organisations in their county or local area […]

Campaigns – Review Stop and Search Now

Forty eight per cent of ‘stop and search’ incidents in the County of Northamptonshire involve black people; less than two per cent of these incidents actually result in an arrest. This means that, despite the requirements of “reasonable grounds for suspicion”, seven out of eight of those searched are doing nothing wrong. Stop and search […]