Foundation Hospitals (England Only)

Cost of Living Supplements

Regular Feedback To Branches on Decisions Taken at Health Conference

Sovereignty of Conference Decisons

Schedule A: Rates of Subscription – 1 Full Members

Delete from “There shall be ” to “lowest paid band” and replace with: “There shall be eleven income bands, each with different subscription rates as follows effective from 1 October 2003: Income from EmploymentWeekly SubscriptionsMonthly Subscriptions £ £ Band A: 0 – 2,0000.30 1.30 Band B: 2,001 – 5,0000.81 3.50 Band C: 5,001 – 8,0001.22 […]

Rule C. Full Membership

Delete “or” and replace with “,” After “leave” insert “or other unpaid leave”

Schedule A: Rates of Subscription – 2 Full Membership

2.3, title, delete “and” and replace with “,” and add at end “and other unpaid leave.”

Rule D.3.1.1 Service Groups

Delete “Police Support Staff” and insert “Police Staff”

Rule D.3.4.9 Service Group Conference

After “motions” insert “and two amendments” Rule D.3.4.10 Service Group Conference After “motions” insert “and two amendments” Rule P.1.3.5 Standing Orders For Conferences Delete and insert new paragraph: “P.1.3.5Rule P.3.1 shall not apply. The bodies who may propose motions and amendments for the Conference shall be: each branch represented within the Service Group; the Service […]

Rule D.2.2.1 Regional Representatives

Delete “below” in all cases and replace with “Rule Q Definitions” Delete from “candidacy” to “job” Insert “low pay” before “reserved seat” in all cases RULE Q DEFINITIONS Insert new definition: “RESERVED LOW PAY SEATS are seats reserved for women members who earn below a defined basic hourly rate. This rate is uprated annually by […]

Schedule A: Rates of Subscription – 6.3 Retired Members

Add new sub-paragraph: “From 1 July 2003, members who are entitled to death benefit as a result of paying the reduced subscriptions due under the paragraph above will continue to be entitled to death benefit without the need to make any further subscription payments after that date.”

Part – Time Workers

Conference notes: 1)the increase in the use of part-time workers by employers in the public sector; 2)that part-time work does provide an acceptable solution for some in the work-life balance; 3)that employers use part-time work not for the benefit of employees but for themselves in terms of greater flexibility predominantly amongst women workers often low […]

Bullying in the Workplace

Conference recognises that UNISON has always been at the forefront of the campaign to eradicate bullying in the workplace for the simple reason that such unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated. With great regret Conference recognises the fact that, in spite of this campaign, incidences of bullying are still happening. Conference therefore reaffirms its total […]

Rule P.14.1 Limit of Speeches

Delete “seven” and replace with “five”

Pension Rights

For decades hundreds of thousands of workers, mostly women, were denied the right to belong to their employers’ pension schemes, solely on the basis that they were part-time, consigning them to state benefits of years poverty income in their retirement years. The union welcomes the recent legal victory for 60,000 workers and the role the […]