Institutional Racism

University College London Branch (UCL) has been successful in persuading the employer to undertake an investigation into institutional racism. This was on the back of a number of disciplinaries affecting staff from ethnic minorities, perceived unfairness in allocation of duties and the so called glass ceiling in terms of promotion and career opportunities. The Branch […]

Fair Representation and Proportionality

Conference calls upon the National Black Members’ Committee (NBMC) to work with the National Executive Council and the other self-organised groups in drafting a set of workable guidelines, to achieve fair representation, to take into account race once and for all in all structures within UNISON from the National Executive Council, service group executives and […]

Facility Time for Representatives of Self- Organised Groups

Conference calls on the National Black Members’ Committee (NBMC) to work with the National Executive Council towards a workable strategy of the recognition of duties undertaken by self-organised group representatives. This is to enable representatives of all the self-organised groups to actively participate fully in their UNISON duties without fear of loss of pay or […]

Report on Review of Black Members’ Organisation

Conference applauds the contributions of the National Black Members’ Committee (NBMC), regional black members’ groups, branch black members’ groups, and the black women’s, the black lesbian and gay members’ and the black disabled members’ caucuses to the final report on the review of Black Members’ Organisation in UNISON. Conference welcomes the final report and sees […]

Combating the Fascists

This Conference condemns the British National Party (BNP), the National Front (NF) and all parties whose policies and members attack the human rights of black people through their intimidatory campaigning and their use of direct physical violence. This Conference also condemns the shameful election of three BNP councillors in Burnley, and the significant number of […]

Pay Audits

This Conference welcomes the publication of the TUC’s pamphlet ‘Black and Underpaid – How black workers lose out on pay’, which clearly demonstrates that black workers continue to be discriminated against in terms of pay. This Conference is perturbed that despite nearly a generation of race relations in Britain that black workers still earn less […]

Underachievement and Exclusion of Black School Children

This Conference believes black children, and especially black boys, are being failed by the education system, with OFSTED reporting “inequalities of attainment in GCSE examinations place African-Caribbean, Pakistani, and Bangladeshi pupils in a disadvantaged position in the youth education, labour, and training markets, and increase the likelihood of social and economic exclusion in later life….in […]

Exports of Banned Products

This Conference is angered that life-threatening products such as skin-lightening creams and so on can be produced in this country and shipped to Africa for sale, while being banned in this country. This Conference condemns the legislative loophole that permits products banned under health and safety legislation in this country to be exported from this […]

Recruitment into Local Authorities

Conference believes that despite legislation of the Race Relations Amendments Act local authorities in Great Britain are not doing enough to recruit black people into their organisations. Conference also believes that UNISON should form a broad based coalition with other unions to redress this unfair situation. Conference therefore asks the National Executive Council to instruct […]

War on Palestine

This Conference notes with grave concern that: 1)The Israeli Government has declared war against the Palestinian Authority. The situation inside the compound of Palestine is very disturbing not only for Palestine but also for the international communities; 2)There have been no medical and food supplies left and that there are still casualties that require urgent […]


Conference strongly believes it is now time for the international community to end the ten year war and sanctions against Iraq. Conference further notes that United Nations Humanitarian Co-ordinator, Hans Von Sponeck, has directly attributed over 350 civilian deaths and 1,000 civilian casualties to the United States and United Kingdom bombing of Iraq over the […]

War Against Terrorism and US Policy on Nuclear Weapons

Conference strongly believes that an inability to discover where Osama bin Laden is must not used as a pretext to extend the war against Afghanistan into other countries. The United States (US) has made it clear that it intends to send military action against Iraq, Somalia, Sudan or any of the 60 countries on the […]

Amnesty International and Afghan Prisoners

Conference notes the call of Amnesty International for a public inquiry into the mass killings of Afghan prisoners at the Kala-I Janghi Fort and other parts of Afghanistan and is conscious of the presence of British and United States (US) Special Forces on site during the massacre and heavy bombardment of the prisoners by the […]


Conference looks forward to the return of Pakistan to full membership of the Commonwealth and recalls the commitment made by General Musharraf of a return of democratic government in Pakistan. We urge the National Black Members’ Committee, National Executive Council, International Committee, National Affiliated Political Fund and UNISON Link MPs to: 1)Press the Government of […]

Use of Child Soldiers in Warfare

Conference notes with grave concern that 300,000 children, boys and girls, are fighting as soldiers with government armed forces and armed opposition groups in more than 30 countries worldwide. Conference further notes that children are particularly at risk in Africa, parts of the Far East, Asia, the Pacific and the Caribbean. The use of children […]