Organising and Recruitment

Conference welcomes the dedicated work of regions and branches on organising and recruitment and congratulates the branches involved in the highly successful schools organising and recruitment campaigns, which led to significant increases in members, workplace contacts and stewards. Conference believes that UNISON is facing new and dynamic organisation pressures including: 1)a significant increase in public […]

Local Government Finance

Conference notes that reviews of Local Government Finance are taking place throughout the United Kingdom. Local Authorities need reliable income, solid financial structures and increased revenue in order to be able to deal with the new burdens placed on them by Central Government and are increasingly unable to maintain funding of core services. The present […]

Campaigning to defend the Local Government Pension Scheme

This Conference condemns the Government for its attempts to attack the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS). This scheme offers hundreds of thousands of workers in local councils and in other related public services the chance of a decent pension in retirement This Conference notes with concern that, following consultations with UNISON and other interested parties […]

Local Government Pay Commission, Equality and Equal Pay

Conference notes the Local Government Pay Commission’s call for strong action by Government, councils and trade unions in England, Wales and Northern Ireland to promote equality in local government, based on its view that “Equality in local government employment is a necessity not an option”. In particular Conference welcomes the Commission’s call for: 1)Guidance on […]

National Offender Management Service

Conference notes with alarm the Government’s hasty, ill-thought and misguided proposals to break up the National Probation Service and create the National Offender Management Service (NOMS). The proposals have received no proper parliamentary scrutiny and are being rushed through without due consultation, or the ability of unions or probation employers to affect the outcome of […]

English Regional Assemblies

2004 is likely to be a significant year in determining the future governance of England as three regions hold a referendum on directly elected assemblies. UNISON has consistently opposed, and continues to resist, the reorganisation of local government that will take place following a yes vote. Over the past year UNISON has resisted the government’s […]

Rule B.1.9 At Work and in the Community

Rule B.1.9 delete “all” and insert “the United Kingdom Government, devolved administrations and all other”

Rule B.2.7 Union Democracy

Add new Rule B.2.7: “B.2.7To devolve to regions policy making responsibility in relation to devolved administrations while maintaining the integrity and unity of the union in accordance with the Protocol issued under Rule D.2.8.5.”

Rule D.2.8.5 Powers

Add new Rule D.2.8.5: “D.2.8.5 to issue a protocol on devolved administration and union governance” Renumber subsequent paragraphs.

Rule F.3.1.5 Functions of Regions

Add new Rule F.3.1.5: “F.3.1.5 consult with devolved administrations on public services and relevant economic, political and social issues.” Renumber subsequent paragraphs.

Rule F.4.1 Regional Council

Rule F.4.1 after “power,” insert “,where relevant, in accordance with Rule B.2.7”

Rule P.1.3.6 Application of Standing Orders

Add new Rule P.1.3.6: “P.1.3.6Standing Orders Committees for Service Group Conferences, in exercising powers in accordance with Rule P.2.3, shall have regard to the national negotiating machinery in devolved administrations. The Standing Orders Committee may make recommendations to restrict voting to representatives of members covered by that machinery which shall be subject to ratification by […]

Rule Q Definitions

Rule Q add: “DEVOLVED ADMINISTRATIONS means the Scottish Parliament, the National Assembly for Wales and the Northern Ireland Legislative Assembly.”

Policy Development, Bargaining and Devolution

Conference approves the recommendations contained in the National Executive Council’s report on Policy Development, Bargaining and Devolution: 1)The need for a clear set of basic values and actions to underpin the relationships between the UK level union and UNISON regions should be addressed through a devolution protocol. The protocol will incorporate an information and communications […]

Rule Q Definitions

Rule Q add: “REGIONS means the organisational structure between branches and the National Executive Council based on the union’s administrative regions of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.”