Building Equality and Diversity in the National Offender Management Service

This conference notes that the probation service in England and Wales has a tradition of working proactively on equality issues and well established equality networks for the various diversity strands. Conference expresses concern that this is not being effectively carried forward in the National Offender Management Service (NOMS), particularly in the context of the mixed […]


Conference welcomes the new rights for parents and carers to be introduced in the Work and Families Act, which will come into force in April 2007 It notes that parents and carers struggling to achieve work life balance will now be able to take advantage of the following improvements: 1.Statutory Maternity Pay, Maternity Allowance and […]


Conference notes that the Home Office has funded a three-year project for the Local Government Association to identify and promote good practice of councils and partner organisations in addressing domestic violence. In their guidance leaflet “Local Government’s Role in Tackling Domestic Violence”, one of the stated aims is to “develop domestic violence employment policies for […]


This Conference congratulates the work undertaken by local government branches that have used the Disability Equality Duty to eliminate institutional discrimination in the workplace. We are however concerned with reports that employers may not be meeting their new duties with regard to: 1)Identifying positive as well as negative outcomes especially in the recruitment of disabled […]


Conference notes the results of the UNISON 2006 Young Members Survey, which demonstrated that the policy issue of greatest importance to our young members is improved pensions provision, which was rated as important or very important by 89% of UNISON young members. Conference therefore expresses our great concern at recent and current attacks upon pension […]

Local Government Service Group Executive Report

This Conference receives the report of the Local Government Service Group Executive.

Equality of Opportunity – The Race Relations Amendment Act 2000

Conference we all know of the importance of the good work that has been achieved through various Black Members Group (BMG) across all regions. Without the input of such groups to challenge work place inequality and racism many employers would have never taken the issue of race discrimination seriously. However due to the recent duties […]

Equality Duties and Performance Indicators

Conference applauds the fact that the equality duties on race, disability and gender require local authorities to promote equality of opportunity and eliminate discrimination for service users and staff, rather than wait for individuals to complain. Existing practices and any changes to employment or service delivery must be assessed to examine their impact on equality […]

Training Support Staff in the Learning and Skills Sector

Delivering world class skills has become a national priority. It is predicted that the percentage of the working population needing recognised qualifications will rise dramatically by 2020. Colleges are being forced to focus on delivering employability for young people and Train to Gain and Learner Accounts are part of the Government’s strategy for workforce development. […]

Equality and Sexual Orientation: The Leadership Challenge for Further Education

Conference welcomes the positive initiative by the Centre for Excellence and Leadership (CEL) and its report on Equality and Sexual Orientation. It aims to support managers, staff, students and trade unions to effectively develop positive policies on sexual orientation. UNISON worked with CEL and other key stakeholders on this initiative. The findings revealed an alarming […]


Conference welcomes the fact that at the end of the former three year pay deal and to prepare a pay claim for 2007 the National Local Government Service Group Executive consulted members with a view to submit a claim that had the widespread support of members. Conference also notes that the 2007 pay claim was […]

Local Government White Paper – Prosperous Communities

This Conference notes the publication of the recent Government White Paper – Prosperous Communities. This Conference notes that for prosperous communities to exist, it requires there to be people in well paid jobs including the public sector. This conference further notes that the movement away from the provision of services by well funded public sector […]

Short Term Funding in the Community and Voluntary Sector

Conference notes the increase in provision of public services by the community and voluntary sector in recent years, and the government’s determination to increase the scope and speed of transfers to the sector. The Treasury’s Third Sector Review Interim Report and the Cabinet Office’s Third Sector Action Plan (both December 2006) set out a range […]

Two Tier Workforce and the Community and Voluntary Sector

Conference notes and supports the important historical role the community and voluntary sector has provided in shaping public services – not as an alternative for directly-employed public sector workers, but as an innovator, working with local authorities and campaigning for new ideas and ways of working. Conference also notes the Code of Practice on Workforce […]


Conference notes that the Government’s policy of marketisation of public services extends to childcare. The Childcare Bill 2006 states that “English local authorities may not provide childcare for a particular child or group of children unless the local authority are satisfied: other person is willing to provide the childcare (whether in pursuance of arrangements […]