Conference believes that although we are firmly committed to the restoration of the earnings link we should also seek to strengthen the link to price increase. Conference notes that the “shopping basket” used to calculate the price index contains many items that are not relevant to pensioners, for example, video games. Conference therefore requests that […]


This Conference welcomes the reduction in qualifying years for a full National Insurance Pension to 30 years from April 20th 2010. Conference notes with concern however that the Government has refused to phase in the change and this will result in individuals being significantly disadvantaged. It will also cause unfairness and resentment among those women […]

Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) and the Police Federation

Conference notes that at the 2008 Police Federation Conference reference was made on a number of occasions in a negative manner to the role of Police Community Support Officers. Conference instructs the Service Group Executive to request consultation and discussion with the Police Federation in relation to the role of PCSOs and the negative comments […]

Support to Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) in the Press

Conference notes the positive actions undertaken by the Police Staff Service Group National Officer and the UNISON General Secretary in supporting Police Community Support Officers after a tragic accident in Manchester, where our colleagues were abused and attacked by the national press. Furthermore Conference notes the letter sent by the General Secretary to the Press […]

Unjust Sickness Self-Certification

Conference Motion 2 in 2007 was overwhelmingly carried. To date Conference notes that there has been no work undertaken by the Service Group Executive (SGE) on this issue other than a mention in the recently circulated draft Attendance Management Document. Conference notes with great concern the practice of self-certification being withdrawn. It is common practice […]

Outsourcing by Another Name!

Conference is concerned by the increase in shared service working involving the transfer of business to private companies; this is not a shared service it is outsourcing. Conference motions on this issue have been before you – motion 13 in 2005, motions 2 and 6 in 2006 and motion 9 in 2007. The Trade Union […]

What is an Exigency of the Service?

Conference you may recall this issue being raised a few years ago by the North West Region. Yet Conference it has become a phrase that is now being used almost on a daily basis when managers want to change/cancel annual leave, rest days, shifts etc. Merseyside’s Chief Constable, on a forum, agreed with Chief Constable […]

Fuel Costs and Mileage Rates

Defend Our Schools


Conference believes that Retired Members’ Conference should include Caucus Meetings for Black Members, Disabled Members, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Members and Women Members. This would establish parity with all the Conferences of their working counterparts who have had such meetings as part of their timetable virtually since UNISON’s inception in 1993. These meetings provide […]


Conference believes that the few retired people who, on retirement, want to pursue higher education in the form of undergraduate and graduate courses should enjoy an exemption from tuition fees. Apart from these fees being grossly unfair they assume an affordability which will not be the case for the majority of pensioners undertaking these courses. […]


Conference deplores the abolition of the 10p income tax band and its impact on pensioners especially those aged 60-64 for whom it will have a particularly adverse effect. Conference believes it was not the intention of Gordon Brown, as Chancellor of the Exchequer, to disadvantage pensioners in this way, but also recognises that initiatives should […]


Conference deplores the increasing incidence of mail, internet, phone and other scams aimed specifically at vulnerable elderly people. Tragic tales of elderly people sending off hundreds or thousands of pounds to bogus competitions, lotteries etc on the promise of a large cash prize are all too prevalent, and seem to be on the increase. Conference […]

Social Care

Conference condemns the continuing drive towards further privatisation and fragmentation of social care services but welcomes genuine initiatives to improve standards of care to service users. In this respect the use of personal care budgets as a source of greater independence and control for service users merits investigation. However, Conference views with concern that this […]


This Local Government Service Group reaffirms its opposition to the Government’s academies programme. We note with concern the Government’s plan to increase the number of academies to 400. We believe that this expansion will lead to the increased privatisation marketisation of education and encourage the development of the two tier workforce. The government is putting […]