Rule D.2.2.1 Regional Representatives

Delete “below” in all cases and replace with “Rule Q Definitions” Delete from “candidacy” to “job” Insert “low pay” before “reserved seat” in all cases RULE Q DEFINITIONS Insert new definition: “RESERVED LOW PAY SEATS are seats reserved for women members who earn below a defined basic hourly rate. This rate is uprated annually by […]

Schedule A: Rates of Subscription – 6.3 Retired Members

Add new sub-paragraph: “From 1 July 2003, members who are entitled to death benefit as a result of paying the reduced subscriptions due under the paragraph above will continue to be entitled to death benefit without the need to make any further subscription payments after that date.”

Schedule A: Rates of Subscription – 1 Full Members

Delete from “There shall be ” to “lowest paid band” and replace with: “There shall be eleven income bands, each with different subscription rates as follows effective from 1 October 2003: Income from EmploymentWeekly SubscriptionsMonthly Subscriptions £ £ Band A: 0 – 2,0000.30 1.30 Band B: 2,001 – 5,0000.81 3.50 Band C: 5,001 – 8,0001.22 […]

Bullying in the Workplace

Conference recognises that UNISON has always been at the forefront of the campaign to eradicate bullying in the workplace for the simple reason that such unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated. With great regret Conference recognises the fact that, in spite of this campaign, incidences of bullying are still happening. Conference therefore reaffirms its total […]

Rule P.14.1 Limit of Speeches

Delete “seven” and replace with “five”

Part – Time Workers

Conference notes: 1)the increase in the use of part-time workers by employers in the public sector; 2)that part-time work does provide an acceptable solution for some in the work-life balance; 3)that employers use part-time work not for the benefit of employees but for themselves in terms of greater flexibility predominantly amongst women workers often low […]

Pension Rights

For decades hundreds of thousands of workers, mostly women, were denied the right to belong to their employers’ pension schemes, solely on the basis that they were part-time, consigning them to state benefits of years poverty income in their retirement years. The union welcomes the recent legal victory for 60,000 workers and the role the […]

UN Committee on Economic Social and Cultural Rights

Conference draws to the attention of the National Executive Council the 2002 report and recommendations of the United Nations Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. The Committee makes far reaching recommendations to the UK Government as a signatory of the Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. The recommendations of the Committee include: 1)the […]

Procurement and Equality

Conference declares that equality of opportunity and social inclusion should be a key feature of the public procurement process. Conference calls for the full integration of the statutory duty on race, including its extensive consultation requirements, to be mainstreamed into substantial procurement decisions and processes. We further call for a UNISON campaign to extend the […]

Employer Recognition of Branch Self- Organised Members’ Groups

Conference is concerned that employers do not recognise UNISON’s self-organised groups. As a result members are not allowed paid time off to attend meetings during work time. For the self-organised group this makes it difficult for members to get involved and to play an active part in trying to raise issues within UNISON. It is […]

Organising Young Members

Conference notes that young members are at present not represented at all levels of the union. Conference believes: 1) that the way forward to improve young people’s participation and membership is to incorporate young members to the very heart of the union by co-opting a young member on to the National Executive Council; 2)that the […]

Employment Rights for Women With Premature Babies

Under the current legislation, a woman giving birth to a premature baby that requires hospitalisation finds she has the same amount of maternity leave as the mother of a baby that can go home. Conference recognises the additional stress on mothers and their families trying to cope with babies who have yet to come home. […]

Rule F.1 List of Regions

Delete “13” and replace with “12” Delete “Southern”

Freedom and Justice for Samar and Jawad

Conference notes that: 1) Samar Alami and Jawad Botmeh were wrongly convicted in 1996 of conspiracy to cause explosions in relation to the 1994 bombings of the Israeli Embassy and Balfour House and they were sentenced to 20 years; 2) a campaign to have the convictions overturned has achieved widespread support here and abroad, including […]

Workforce Training and Development

Conference notes that the government’s emphasis on improvement in local government service delivery continues. While Conference supports the call for top quality public services, Conference also believes that an increase in investment in local government workforce development and training is central to the improvement of local government services. Conference welcomes the joint work with the […]