The formation of the Police Service of Scotland by the Scottish Government in their Police and Fire Reform Act (2012) has left the service unable to recover VAT. HM Treasury has made a decision to not allow the Scottish Police or Fire & Rescue services to reclaim VAT due to the construction of that Act […]


Conference is extremely alarmed at the confusing muddle and poor level of provision of out-of-hours services in the NHS. This particularly affects elderly and retired people trying to stay living in their own homes and not to burden the diminishing public services, and seeking not to lose all their means by being placed in a […]

Retention of Police Staff Jobs

In light of the disastrous election result in May and the resulting announcements that further cuts will be made to public services including Police and Probation. Theresa May has clearly stated in her speech to the Police Federation on May 20th “there is no ducking the fact that police spending will have to come down […]

Loss of Localism

Conference recognises that due to collaboration between Forces there is a loss of local knowledge and understanding of the demographics of the different counties. The importance of local policing, which builds strong links with all types of communities, is being eroded rapidly and the void is difficult to fill due to the loss of staff […]

College of policing

Conference notes with concern that work being undertaken by the College Of Policing is failing to take into consideration the needs and concerns of Police Staff. Conference therefore calls upon the Service Group Executive to review its interaction and representation at the College. The purpose of this review will be to improve relations with the […]

Supporting our activists

Police and Justice Activists have spent five long years in the trenches fighting against the effects of austerity and the government’s ideological attack on public services. The outcome of the 2015 General election means that this program will continue with enthusiasm. More and more is being put onto already hard pressed activists who are feeling […]


With austerity set to continue, there is a greater emphasis on forces to seek savings through collaboration. There are already a number of arrangements in place which are both good and bad examples. Conference believes we need to get smarter in how we support branches who are involved in a collaboration process. We therefore call […]

Facts not fiction

We are all experiencing the effects of government cuts and the impact upon the police service. Officers and Staff are best placed to observe the difficulties the austerity program is causing to the service and the people who work within it. It is therefore important that these difficulties are reported accurately and the facts are […]

Health and Safety

Conference is concerned that Health and Safety has fallen off the list of priorities for the service group. Many of our members continue to work in hazardous circumstances, such as environment and stressful situations. It is important that the Service Group ensure so far as is reasonably practicable, that Health and Safety remains a key […]

Service Group and Link Liaison

The General Election results mean that the austerity program and cuts to the Police Service will continue in earnest. It is important that Police & Justice members have a political voice and we must take every opportunity to engage through the Link to raise our concerns and inform politicians about our campaigns. The Service Group […]


Conference understands the need to Vet Police staff both prior to and post-employment. Conference supports the Police Service in its aims to provide a safe and secure provision for the public and the staff who work within it. Threats from corruption and terror are very real and the vetting process is a useful tool in […]

Employment not service

Conference understands that all Police Staff are employees and as such are covered by employment law etc. As employees we have certain rights and responsibilities which are supported by statutory legislation. Our Police officer colleagues having sworn an allegiance to the crown are in service and are therefore covered by Police regulations. Conference understands that […]


Conference notes that with the introduction of the new state pension from April 2016 there will exist a two tier system. Existing pensioners will not be entitled to receive the new level of basic state pension. Although the method of indexation will be the same for both old and new pensions i.e. the triple lock, […]


Conference notes that whilst dementia can apply to people of all ages it primarily affects older people. Conference further notes that the level of funding for dementia research is considerably lower than that for other illnesses. Conference believes that there is an urgent need to increase the amount of money needed for research into the […]

Hands off universal benefits

Conference opposes any attempts by Governments across the UK to cut universal benefits for older people such as the winter fuel payment, free bus pass, free prescriptions and free TV licences. These benefits are essential to ensuring a decent standard of living and social inclusion for millions of pensioners who face daily poverty, fuel poverty […]