Substitute National Sector Committee Repreentatives to the Local Government SGE

This Conference notes that the UNISON NJC Committee, the Scottish Local Government Committee, the Community and Voluntary Sector Forum, and FE & 6th Form Colleges Committee as National Sector Committees are represented on the Local Government Service Group Executive (SGE). However at present there is no provision for these committees to send substitute representatives. This […]

Local Government Service Group Executive Report

This conference receives the report of the Local Government Service Group Executive

Private Finance Initiative/ PPPs

We call on the Service Group Executive to support the Northern Ireland Region in its fight for the withdrawal of all proposed PFIs/PPPs and provide whatever resources, back-up etc that is necessary to accomplish this task.

Review of Public Administration

The Northern Ireland Region call upon the Service Group Executive to ensure the provision of support, resources and whatever else is necessary so that UNISON members are protected under the Review of Public Administration which will result in five Education and Library Boards becoming one. As UNISON should now be looking at increasing its density […]

Cycle Allowances

This Conference deplores the situation in which mileage allowances for work journeys by bicycle: 1)are individually and inconsistently set by local authorities across the country 2)are usually set at a rate that in no way reflects the true average annual costs of a bike and associated cyclists’ clothing and equipment, regular cycle maintenance and appropriate […]

The Local Government Implications of the Gender Equality Duty

Conference notes that the Public Sector duties on gender will come into force in April 2007 as part of the wider equalities legislation. The Gender Equality Duty will require service providers and public sector employers to design employment and services with the different needs of women and men in mind. This will be a significant […]

Local Government Reorganisation

This Conference is alarmed at the most recent developments in the continuing saga of reorganising the structure of local government in England. Ad hoc consultations with Council leaders and Chief Executives and statements appearing to favour some form of neighbourhood governance have undermined confidence in the Government’s ability to promote a clear strategy for finding […]

Pay Campaign 2006

Conference notes the imminent end of the current three-year pay deal and recognises the need to prepare a pay claim for 2007. Conference therefore calls on the National Local Government Service Group Executive to commence the process of engaging with members and Branches to assemble a claim which has the widespread support of the membership. […]

Funding of Local Government

Conference notes the financial pressures on Councils in the Northern Region –Expectation for Councils to deliver year on year 2.5% efficiency gains following the Gershon review –Cost of implementing single Status (£90 million in the region to date). –Increased contributions to Local Government Pension funds –Capping of council tax increases by Central Government Government funding […]


Conference recognised that for employees and Local Government employers, homeworking is likely to become commonplace and this raises trade union concerns for members. It is clear that this system of working may have advantages for our members. Therefore, it is essential that an in depth analysis is commissioned by UNISON taking into account a wide […]

Rehabilitation Services for Disabled People

This conference believes that disabled people should be entitled to an holistic assessment of their needs and to receive services to meet those needs, including rehabilitation and other support services. These services should be provided by appropriately trained and paid local authority staff within a good career structure. Conference welcomes the campaign by “The Guide […]

Local Government Restructuring

Conference understands that a White Paper on local government restructuring will be published in the autumn 2006 for legislation to be implemented by 2008. Conference believes that services in districts and counties in those areas affected will be subject to major disruption with severe cost implications and consequential impact on staff. Public statements so far […]

Private Sector Transfers and the Race Relations (Amendment) Act

More public services are being transferred out of the public sector and as a result members are now finding themselves based in the private sector where the lack of statutory duty under the Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000 with private sector employers results in less protection against race discrimination in the workplace. Conference notes the […]

Job Losses – Proper Funding for Local Government

Conference notes the job losses in many local councils up and down the country. Conference therefore instructs the Service Group Executive to: 1)Carry out a survey of all local government branches to identify the extent of the problem and why funding problems are occurring 2)Start a campaign to lobby government for proper funding for local […]

Positively Promoting Disability Equality

This Conference notes: 1)That since 2001, all public bodies have – with the passing of the Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000 – a legal duty to positively promoted race equality. This mandate applies to all bodies operating in the Local Government Service Group who provide services to the public; 2)That from 5 December 2005, the […]