Rule C 5 Delete existing rule C.5.2 and replace with: “Rule C.5.2 Providing that the applicant is eligible for membership within these Rules and has not previously been expelled or barred from membership of the union, or has previously ceased to be a member whilst a disciplinary charge against her/him was outstanding, she/he shall become […]


Rule D 3.1.1 Delete “Water and Environment” and “Transport”, and insert “Water, Environment and Transport”


Rule D 3.1.1 Add to list of service groups before “Energy”, “Community” Delete Rule D. and D3.7.4 and renumber accordingly


Rule D 3.1.1 Delete “Police Staff” and insert “Police and Justice”

Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer is the fourth most common cause of death from cancer amongst women in the UK. Every year about six thousand women in the UK are diagnosed with this disease. The majority of these cases have only a few symptoms, which are treated as other conditions until finally being diagnosed as ovarian cancer. If […]

Promoting Awareness of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) in the workplace and in UNISON

Conference notes the great strides that UNISON has been able to make supporting disabled people’s rights to employment, goods, facilities and services by using the Disability Discrimination Act’s (DDA) provisions to challenge discriminatory actions. We also applaud UNISON’s commitment to promote equality within the union through its own equality scheme. More recently disabled people have […]

The Recession and Disabled People

Conference applauds the work undertaken by UNISON to highlight the plight of disabled workers during the recession, in particular for the union’s support for the lobby of Parliament on 3 March 2009. Disabled workers face greater hardship than non disabled people with fewer chances of securing alternative work; our government cannot go back into business […]


Conference is concerned to hear that the Director of Children’s Services at Plymouth City Council is considering the possibility of setting up academy schools in Plymouth despite having always been against them in the past. Furthermore, it is alarming to hear that the reason for this change of heart is due to Department for Children, […]

Domestic Violence/Abuse

Conference is appalled to note that, according to Home Office statistics, domestic violence accounts for one in six violent incidents as measured by the British Crime Survey, with 85% of those victims being women, and one in four victims having been assaulted three or more times. The government’s national domestic violence delivery plan highlighted action […]

NHS charges

Conference congratulates the devolved administrations in Wales and Scotland on progressive reforms they have made. In particular we commend their abolition of car parking fees at NHS sites and the abolition of NHS prescription charges. Both these charges are in effect a tax on sickness and can amount to considerable sums. These moves are a […]

Defending Social Europe

Conference believes that Social Europe, a series of European directives developed over the past 20 years covering amongst other things employment law, health and safety measures and equality is under sustained attack. Conference notes that recent rulings by the European Court of Justice, most notably the Laval, Viking, Rueffert and Luxembourg cases, have clearly established […]

Disabled Local Government workers and the Recession

This conference is concerned about the impact of the economic downturn on local government workers jobs. The consequences for disabled workers is huge; constant reorganisation, threats of privatisation, long hours and too few staff are factors that build even greater barriers to employment and career opportunities. Local government employers are using the economic situation as […]

Greening Further Education

This Conference believes that if we are to tackle climate change we have to negotiate changes to the way we work. Over two thirds of UK carbon dioxide emissions are work related. Colleges teach and train over three million people every year. In doing so they use significant amounts of energy and other resources and […]

Further Education in a time of Recession

Conference believes that the Further Education (FE) sector has a vital role to play in helping to retrain and re skill people who will sadly lose their jobs as a result of the recession. Conference therefore welcomes the additional money being allocated to the FE sector in England to fund learning and skills development in […]

Further Education “Time to Pay Up” Campaign

This Conference endorses the “Time to Pay Up” Campaign for our members in Further Education by focusing on the minority of colleges that refuse to implement nationally agreed pay deals, resulting in up to 50% of colleges not being on any comparable, nationally agreed pay scale. This causes confusion throughout the sector when comparing jobs […]