Domestic Abuse/Violence – Workplace Agreements

Conference recognises that domestic abuse/violence is a complex issue that will often need complex solutions. Conference also recognises that domestic abuse/violence is a workplace issue that requires effective and progressive workplace policies and procedures if it is to be recognised by employers as a real workplace issue. Domestic abuse/violence is a workplace issue that affects […]

Defending Public Sector Pensions

Conference condemns the continuing attacks from politicians, the media and employers on public sector pensions. These attacks often use misleading statements referring to public sector pensions as ‘gold-plated’ or claim that there is ‘pensions apartheid’ between public and private sector workers. Conference acknowledges the growing gap between public and private sector pensions, but this is […]

Women and Pensions

Conference notes with alarm the increasing and unwarranted attacks on public sector pensions. Whilst it is true to say that a growing gap between public and private sector pensions caused by the employer retreat from decent pensions in the private sector, it is wrong to conclude that the answer is to level down public sector […]

Demand Change!

Conference is concerned by the fact that enshrined within the UK’s current legislation is men’s right to buy women. This is directly contradictory to a society based on gender equality. Prostitution is not a job like any other. It is characterised by violence and abuse that has profound physical and psychological consequences for those selling […]

The Future UNISON Members

Conference notes UNISON’s commitment to supporting young people out of unemployment through campaigning for the creation of high-quality apprenticeships which do not replace existing jobs. Apprentices are not however, the only people in training; in our colleges and universities, students in nursing, social work, community and early years education are just some examples of students […]

Disabled people’s experience of targeted violence and hostility

Conference notes that a recent report entitled ‘Promoting Safety and Security of Disabled People’ published by the Equality and Human Rights Commission showed that disabled people are at greater risk of being victims of targeted violence and hostility. The report stated that disabled people are four times more likely to be a victim of crime; […]

Awareness of non apparent disabilities

Conference agrees that both the Disability Discrimination Act and the Public Sector Equality Duty have advanced the cause of reducing discrimination against disabled workers in the workplace. However, not all forms of disability are apparent to any other person except the individual directly affected. Workers with non apparent disabilities, whether mental health, physical or other […]

Rule C Membership Scope of Representation

Rule C 1.1 In the last line after “services”, insert “police and justice sectors”

Demand Change


Conference recognises the devastating effect that the earthquake has had on the governance and infrastructure of Haiti. However, Conference is particularly concerned that within hours of the disaster overseas adoptions were being fast tracked. Whilst Conference wishes that young women and girls who have lost family and friends in Haiti are given the opportunity for […]

National Minimum Wage

Conference believes that the National Minimum Wage has been one of the government’s most successful policies, bringing legal protection to millions of low paid workers. It has been a key weapon in the battle against exploitation at work, especially benefiting women, young people, Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) and migrant workers and other vulnerable groups. […]

Section 44 Stop and Search

UNISON has long been a champion of equality in the trade union movement and has been successful in fighting discrimination and employment cases; however, It has been reported in the media (BBC London News 6.6.09) that the Metropolitan Police Service in 2008 had stopped 170,000 people which led to only 65 arrests under the Government’s […]

Build Resistance to the Economic Crisis

The present economic crisis is a threat to the living standards, jobs and pensions of all working classes around the world. In the United Kingdom there are one million young people under the age of 25 out of work and increasing unemployment across the private sector and public sector. A major concern for Black members […]

Elder Abuse

Conference notes with concern that there is no specific law which addresses Elder Abuse and makes it an aggravated offence, as is the case with child abuse. Conference therefore calls upon the National Executive Council to work with the Trades Union Congress and appropriate organisations, to urge the legal establishments in England and Scotland and […]

Defending the Human Rights Act

Conference is appalled that the Conservatives have stated their intention to repeal the Human Rights Act (HRA). It will come as no surprise that the same intention is included in the British National Party’s (BNP) manifesto. Conference notes the important role that the HRA plays in organising, bargaining and negotiating on behalf of trade union […]