Opposing the Collaboration of Force Control Rooms

Conference recognises the desperate cost saving initiatives forces are considering to meet the brutal funding gap imposed through the Governments comprehensive spending reviews. The service cuts being imposed on an already decimated police service are putting our members and the wider public’s lives at risk. The recent attempt to collaborate the Norfolk and Suffolk control […]

Opposing the Closure of Public Access Points at Police Stations

Conference recognises the unsavoury and unpopular cost saving decisions that Police Forces are considering to meet the ruthless funding gap imposed through the comprehensive spending reviews which are being continued by this government. The service cuts are putting the public, our members’ lives and their families at risk. The local Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) […]

Regional Devolution – The Implications for Police

Conference will be aware that Regional devolution in the North West will be a testing ground for future public sector provision as the funding changes and commissioning responsibilities involved in these new arrangements are put into practice. Devolution in the context of austerity and ever tightening budgets creates a significant concern that there is a […]


Conference notes that over the last few years it has been evident that the Police Service of Scotland is reducing public services through the closure and centralisation of localised contact, command, control centres, the custody estate and the implementation of a centralised computer system (i6). This has resulted in the collapse of contact, command and […]

Loss of Localism

Conference recognises that due to collaboration between Forces there is a loss of local knowledge and understanding of the demographics of the different counties. The importance of local policing, which builds strong links with all types of communities, is being eroded rapidly and the void is difficult to fill due to the loss of staff […]

Service Group and Link Liaison

The General Election results mean that the austerity program and cuts to the Police Service will continue in earnest. It is important that Police & Justice members have a political voice and we must take every opportunity to engage through the Link to raise our concerns and inform politicians about our campaigns. The Service Group […]


Conference understands the need to Vet Police staff both prior to and post-employment. Conference supports the Police Service in its aims to provide a safe and secure provision for the public and the staff who work within it. Threats from corruption and terror are very real and the vetting process is a useful tool in […]

College of policing

Conference notes with concern that work being undertaken by the College Of Policing is failing to take into consideration the needs and concerns of Police Staff. Conference therefore calls upon the Service Group Executive to review its interaction and representation at the College. The purpose of this review will be to improve relations with the […]

Supporting our activists

Police and Justice Activists have spent five long years in the trenches fighting against the effects of austerity and the government’s ideological attack on public services. The outcome of the 2015 General election means that this program will continue with enthusiasm. More and more is being put onto already hard pressed activists who are feeling […]


With austerity set to continue, there is a greater emphasis on forces to seek savings through collaboration. There are already a number of arrangements in place which are both good and bad examples. Conference believes we need to get smarter in how we support branches who are involved in a collaboration process. We therefore call […]

A Shift in Equality

Conference has seen the damaging effect the cuts in the policing budget has had in the workplace over the last few years and with the Conservatives winning a majority at the General Election in May it offers a bleak outlook for all working in policing. We have seen controls rooms reduced and centralised, Custody Suits […]

National Bargaining

Conference notes the Passenger Transport Forum (PTF) replaced the Joint Negotiating Committee (JNC) with effect from 1st August 2005. The purpose of the consultative element of the PTF is to provide a joint Employer/Trade Union Forum committed to partnership working in order to consider the Human Resources implication of public transport issues, while the negotiating […]

Stop the destruction of SYPTE

South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE), has, in the last few years lost dozens of members of staff, encouraged to leave via SYPTE’s Voluntary Redundancy scheme, redundancies or merely by the none replacement leavers – many of these job losses have been amongst UNISON members. This policy of slashing services to the public will this […]

Encouraging Diversity in WET Committees

In UNISON around 12% of our total membership identify as Black. UNISON is committed to fair representation and proportionality (Rule D4.1). However we know in the WET sector we do not see enough Black members represented at branch, regional and national committee level despite statistics telling us that Black people are still amongst those most […]

Tackling Biphobia in the WET Industries

Conference welcomes the progress we have made in putting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) equality on the bargaining agenda in the water, environment and transport (WET) industries. However, conference notes that LGBT workers are a diverse group, who experience different types of discrimination in different ways. There is increasing understanding that issues facing transgender […]