Probation: Stop the Sell Off

Conference condemns the decision of the Coalition Government to proceed with the split of the Probation workforce into the National Probation Service (NPS) and the 21 Community Rehabilitation Companies (CRCs) on 1 June. Conference notes that the split was undertaken despite: 1)A formal request from the probation unions to the Ministry of Justice Permanent Secretary […]

Defend National Terms and Conditions

Conference welcomes the work done by UNISON, and sister unions National Association of Probation Officers (Napo) and GMB, to negotiate a staff transfer and protections agreement for probation members, that protects national collective bargaining into the National Probation Service (NPS) and the 21 Community Rehabilitation Companies (CRCs). Conference also acknowledges the protections for the continuation […]

Police and Justice Staff are Worth It

Conference welcomes UNISON’s 2014 ‘Worth It’ campaign to make sure that the pay of public sector workers stays at the top of the agenda in the run up to the 2015 general election. Police staff, probation workers and Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service (CAFCASS) employees have all seen the purchasing power of […]

College of Policing Must Be Independent of Government and Police Leadership

Conference notes that UNISON: 1)Has so far supported the creation of the College of Policing as an independent professional body for all those working in the profession of policing; 2)Is represented on the College Professional Committee; 3)Has declined a directorship on the College Board on account of concerns over the potential conflict of interest between […]

Reform of Police Staff Pay and Conditions

Conference notes that: 1)The Police Staff Council has ensured 18 years of industrial harmony in police forces in England and Wales. 2)This positive industrial relations climate has not come about by chance, but is the product of hard work on the part of all stakeholders on the Council. 3)The Police Staff Council Handbook (amended in […]

If It’s An Arrestable Offence, Arrest!

Conference will note the increasing demanding nature of police work as a result of austerity related funding cuts, staff shortages and redundancies that have resulted in the expectation of those left behind to do more with less resulting in the workplace being a more stressful environment. Conference will further note that as a result of […]

Transfer of Police Staff from Wiltshire Police to Wiltshire Council and other Strategic Partners.

At conference in 2013 you will recall a motion was passed highlighting a situation that was developing in Wiltshire Police regarding the transfer of Police Staff to Wiltshire Council. Conference will remember that the proposal was to transfer staff from the following departments of Wiltshire Police; Project Management, Information Services & Technology, Estates, Finance, Legal […]

Police Reform and Force Mergers

Conference notes with massive concern the continued savage cuts of public expenditure to Scottish policing as a result of the Scottish Government’s dogmatic pursuit of its artificial manifesto pledge of an additional 1000 Police Officers as well as the brutal unachievable savings they trumpet will be made of £1.5 billion in 15 years. This political […]

Launch a national challenge to Hunt’s divisive pay strategy

Conference notes that on 13 March 2014 Secretary of State Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt released the 28th Report of the NHS Pay Review Body and announced the Department of Health’s pay policy for NHS Staff in England from 1 April 2014. Subsequent announcements were made by Ministers in Scotland and Wales about the pay uplift […]

NMC Fees

Conference notes the decision taken by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) at its meetings on the 26th March 2014, to consult on a proposed fee increase of 20% from February 2015 Conference further notes that the NMC remains under special measures and is monitored more closely than other regulators following a damning report into […]

Taking a Lead on Recruitment in the Energy Service Group

Conference notes that there are thousands of UNISON members working across the energy sector. Conference also notes that many energy companies have recently made staff redundant and there are plans for further redundancies and the off-shoring or out sourcing of jobs. Conference understands that in order to maintain union density and income, we will need […]

Getting Equality on the Bargaining Agenda and Winning it for Members

This Conference welcomes the work being done by the Business and Environment Equal Opportunities Working Group (BEEOWG) to promote the equalities agenda. Equalities have long been a priority for the Energy Service Group. Within the Energy service group we have a long and proud tradition of fighting for equality for all our members. Over the […]

Offshoring in Energy

We note with concern the ever-increasing amount of work moved offshore by the energy utilities. In November of last year, npower confirmed it would cut nearly 1,460 “back office” jobs in the UK, or 15% of its staff in this country, and move them to India. It is outsourcing a further 540 British call centre […]

Support and Training for Meter Readers

This Conference calls upon the Energy Service Group Executive to work with the NEC, employers, suppliers and government agencies to deal with the pressing issue of developing adequate support, including re-skilling, for meter representatives through a period of decline in their industry due to the growth of smart metering. We feel strongly that the effect […]

Energy Policy

This conference notes that over the past year, debates around energy supply and retail have been very high profile across the UK involving senior politicians from across the political spectrum. These debates have however, singularly failed to take into account the thousands of people who are employed in this sector many of whom are paid […]