Single Parents Rights Campaign: Supporting Single Parent being added to the Equality Act 2010 as a protected characteristic

Conference notes that within the UK approximately a quarter of families with children are headed by a single parent and of those single parents 90 % are female. Historically single parents have been demonized and discriminated against in a systemic way. This has led to a situation where single parents will face difficulties in work, […]

Childcare Post Pandemic

“This conference welcomes: The Government’s proposals to extend the right to request flexible working to workers from day one of their employment. This will benefit many women with caring responsibilities. The move of many employers to introduce hybrid working for many office-based staff allowing women to work from home and the office. However, this Conference […]

A Buffer Zone To Protect Patients And Workers

“This Conference notes: Across the country there are services offering pregnancy advice and terminations. These types of medical centres attract protesters who hold vigils, hand out leaflets and intimidate those on their way to access services. This has an impact on the wellbeing of those women accessing this type of service and also has a […]

Home Working And The Impact On Women

“This conference notes: That because of the pandemic and its subsequent lockdowns, home working increased in the UK from around 5% to around 30%. Research carried out in the US identified that women were three times more likely to be the main care giver in the pandemic and that only 37% of women had a […]

The Effect of Covid-19 on Women’s Lives

While women were already doing most of the world’s unpaid care work prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, research suggests that the crisis and its shutdown response have resulted in an increase in this burden. It is likely that the impacts for women and families will last for years without interventions. What we […]