Modern Day Slavery

The plight of many women held against their will and used as sex slaves came to the public’s attention during the World Cup in Germany, however this is only the tip of the iceberg. In Britain there are estimated to be at least 5,000 women who may be working as prostitutes after being trafficked to […]

Workplace Policies on Domestic Abuse

The issue of domestic abuse is not a new issue but an ongoing one. Many women of all nationalities and cultures suffer in their everyday work and domestic life. The consequences are many and varied and may include physical, psychological, cultural and financial abuse. The abuse can be continuous or sporadic and often occurs during […]

Violence Against Women

Conference welcomes the recent report of the Secretary General of the United Nations (UN) entitled “In-Depth Study on all Forms of Violence against Women” which acknowledges the role of violence against women (VAW) in perpetuating the subordination of women in all societies throughout the globe. The UN report specifically states that strengthening efforts to achieve […]

Preservation of the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Vision

Conference is pleased to note that UNISON has purchased the site of the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Hospital for conversion to its new national office. Elizabeth Garret Anderson (EGA) 1836-1917 was the first woman to qualify as a doctor in the United Kingdom (UK) in 1865. As universities did not admit women she had a struggle, […]

Women in Prison

Conference notes that despite the shortage of prison places, and the current overcrowding in Britain’s jails, women are still far more likely to receive custodial sentences than men committing comparable crimes. Conference is also concerned to note that despite comprising only six per cent of the prison population, 55 per cent of all self-harm incidents […]

Sex Tourism

Conference notes with concern the recent increase in the numbers of men travelling abroad solely for the purpose of procuring sex. Whilst Conference acknowledges that this increase is partly due to the availability of cheaper air fares, Conference is also aware that sex tourism is yet another by-product of globalisation, which has amplified disparities of […]

Women’s Right to Choose – The Time to Act is Now

Conference is concerned that a woman’s right to access safe and legal abortion is increasingly coming under attack. Pro Life, a misleadingly titled anti-choice organisation which aims to criminalise all abortion, is gaining media time and coverage. They have already influenced and encouraged an Early Day Motion which commits Parliament to a review of the […]

Free Immunisation Against Cervical Cancer

Conference believes that all girls and women should, by right, have access to free immunisation against cervical cancer as soon as the vaccine is licensed. Conference also believes that it is obscene that a vaccine that it is known will save lives is likely to be made available on an ability to pay basis. Conference […]

Increasing LGBT Women’s Participation in Women’s Self-Organisation

Conference welcomes the work carried out by the National Women’s Committee on involving LGBT women in women’s self-organisation. Conference notes that it is now nearly two years since the rule amendment was passed that introduced the LGBT group and enabled bisexual and transgender women to self-organise on the grounds of their sexual orientation and gender […]

LGBT Women Asylum Seekers

Conference notes that people seek asylum for many reasons but that women can face additional persecution on the grounds of their gender, gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation. This persecution often includes physical and sexual violence. Conference further notes that the Refugee Convention of 1951 does not specify gender and sexual orientation as specific […]

Women’s Access to Justice and Revision to Civil Legal Aid

Conference is committed to UNISON’s campaign to tackle domestic violence as a trade union issue. The government’s initiative “A Fairer Deal for Legal Aid” led to the Carter Report which was out for consultation until October 2006. Conference is concerned at the revision to the Civil Legal Aid Scheme in respect of dispute resolution. The […]

Safe Hotels at National Women’s Conference

Conference believes that since delegates to this Conference are either lone women or groups of women, they face a greater risk to their personal safety than delegates at other conferences. We would like to know that the hotels we are invited to stay in have been checked for access, health and safety; are suitable for […]

Women’s Pensions

Conference believes that the proposed changes to the state pension have a disproportionate impact on women for the following reasons. The number of years which have to be worked to ensure a complete contribution record entitling a woman to a full state pension, discriminates against women who have taken time out from the workplace to […]

Term Time Working

Conference believes that term time working is an issue that affects predominantly women, as many women choose jobs in educational establishments to fit in with their child care commitments. Due to social security legislation they are excluded from claiming benefits in the holiday periods, which means that they have either no income or are forced […]