Local government members and the Housing Bill

Conference notes the proposed Housing and Planning Bill will have a devastating effect on existing and future social housing provision. The Bill proposes to: 1)Compel councils to sell off ‘high value’ homes on the open market when they become empty; 2)End lifetime secure tenancies, meaning the break up of stable and mixed communities; 3)Introduce means […]

Facility Time

This Conference notes that motions on cuts to facility time have been debated and passed at Local Government Conference in 2013, 2014 and 2015. This Conference notes that the motion passed in 2013 called for the development of ‘…practical and immediate support measures for branches facing cuts to facility time’. This Conference notes that the […]

Term Time Contracts and Schools Workers

Conference believes that enforced term-time contracts penalise a predominantly female workforce and compound the problems of low pay in schools. Teachers are automatically put on full-year contracts, but many support staff working alongside them are forced to take term time only contracts. This can reduce the salaries of support staff by up to 20% and […]

Restructure of National Joint Council (NJC) Green Book Pay Spine

Conference notes that the introduction of the Chancellor’s Living Wage is likely to mean that over a third of the NJC Green Book pay spine will have to be deleted by 2020. Authorities will need to consider the impact of this in terms of cost and its affect on pay and grading structures. The consequences […]

Resourcing For Devolution

Conference notes that the Westminster Government continued austerity measures are devastating local authority services and undermining our communities across the UK. UNISON members are facing mass redundancies; threats of privatisation; cuts to pay and terms and conditions and massively increased workloads and pressure. In these core and common issues UNISON can and should continue to […]

Organising and Representing Chief Officers and Senior Managers in Local Authorities

Conference notes that massive cuts have been made across local government, with billions of pounds of central government funding removed since 2010. By 2019/20 local councils will lose £75 out of every £100 that the government spent in 2015/16, and thousands more services will have been lost. UNISON members who are chief officers and senior […]

Financial Negligence of Charities’ Trustees

Conference notes the report of the Commons Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee into the collapse of the Kids’ Company charity. Criticism was singled out for the charity’s trustees and the Charity Commission. According to the report the valuable work of this charity, along with its “inspired and motivated employees” was let down by the […]

New Local Government Pensions Scheme Investment Regulations and Asset Pooling

This conference welcomes the national UNISON briefing of January 2016 – New Local Government Pensions Scheme Investment Regulations and Asset Pooling. In particular conference believes that local government’s pension funds must be able to decide where to invest their money in the best interests of present and future pensioners, and should not have their investment […]

TTIP and Local Government

Conference notes with great concern the implications of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) for local government and its workforce across the UK. These include: 1)The removal of so-called ‘non tariff’ barriers to trade such as environmental concerns and health and safety regulations; 2)The Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) mechanism which could leave councils […]

Crisis in Social Work

Conference notes the vital role undertaken by social workers across the UK and applauds their continued ability to carry out excellent work in their communities despite the increased amount of pressure they are facing in their jobs. Social workers are having to cope with funding cuts to their services as caseload and referral levels continue […]

Organising, Pay and Grading in Academies

UNISON deplores the government’s policy of turning all schools in England into academies, claiming that this will improve school outcomes. The Education and Adoption Act gives more powers to the Secretary of State for Education to force schools to become academies, particularly those that are defined as ‘coasting schools’. However evidence shows that just turning […]

Youth Services and Youth Workers

Conference notes that youth and community services have suffered massive cuts every year since 2010. UNISON’s 2014 ‘Damage’ report made clear the extent and impact of these cuts: hundreds of youth centres have closed and tens of thousands of youth service places for young people have been lost. Updated UNISON research is expected to show […]

Organising in Local Government

Conference recognises the huge challenges posed to UNISON’s ability to organise and recruit in local government in recent years. We have seen billions of pounds of funding cuts, which have led to the loss of more than half a million posts, with many UNISON members losing their jobs, and many more increasingly wary of being […]

Single Status and Equality Legislation

Despite UK and EU equality legislation, there are still many women in local government paid much less than they should be compared to men. Conference believes government policy both in equality and industrial relations terms is rendering equal pay legislation less effective and undermining the role of collective bargaining in delivering equality. Conference notes with […]

Food Standards Agency – Pay, Terms and Conditions

Conference notes that our members employed by the Food Standards Agency (FSA), Food Standards Scotland (FSS) and its contractors are constantly under the threat of being deregulated out of employment. They continue to face bullying, harassment and attacks in the workplace, as well as erosion to their pay and benefits. Conference also notes that the […]