Promoting LGBT Equality in the NHS

Conference notes the increasing evidence of health inequalities facing Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) people including: 1.Higher levels of tobacco, alcohol and drug usage; 2.Higher levels of anxiety, depression and self harm. Conference recognises that there are many causes from such inequalities including: A.Experiences of bullying and harassment at school; B.Experiences of hate crime; […]

Human Rights in Healthcare

Conference notes: 1.UNISON’s “Charter for Change for LGBT Equality”, with significant references to health and well being as well as service delivery in the healthcare setting; 2.The coming in to being of the Commission for Equality and Human Rights; 3.The inclusion in the Knowledge and Skills Framework (KSF) of equality, diversity and respect for human […]

Amendment to Standing Order 3.1

‘After “Transgender Members Caucus” delete “and” Add at end “and by the National Young Members Forum.”

Support ILGA

Conference notes with dismay the continuing opposition to LGBT Pride demonstrations and marches in many countries. We are saddened in particular by the violence that has been expressed towards LGBT people participating in Pride demonstrations in Russia, Poland, Latvia, Croatia and many other countries. Conference urges all UNISON LGBT groups, branches and regions to affiliate […]

Positively Public

LGBT people have many skills and talents to offer the workplace, something that is not always recognised, even in workplaces that claim to be ‘equalities friendly’. Positively Public is UNISON’s campaign for quality in our public services, and for recognition of the essential role of public service workers in achieving this. Conference welcomes the reinvigoration […]

Policing of Public Sex Environments

Conference is aware following the recent legislative changes in relation to Sexual Orientation Regulations that most major employers are reviewing their policies in this area. Conference welcomes the news that the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) is also reviewing and updating its policies and procedures in relation to the policing of public sex environments, […]

Service Group Representation on National Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered (LGBT) Self Organised Group (SOG) Committees

This Conference is concerned that there is no provision for service groups to be fully represented on national self organised group (SOGs) and vice versa. There is provision regionally for all SOGs to be represented on regional service group committees. This appears to be out of line if this does not extend to national bodies. […]

Promoting Bisexual Equality

Conference welcomes the progress made – with the active involvement of bisexual members – in raising the profile of bisexual issues in UNISON. This has included the establishment of an inclusive LGBT group and the setting up of a bisexual members’ caucus with representation on the National Committee Conference welcomes the progress to date but […]

Gender Identity – A Workplace Issue

Conference welcomes the progress made – with the active involvement of trans members – in raising the profile of trans issues in UNISON. This has included the establishment of an inclusive LGBT group, the setting up of a growing trans caucus with representation on the National Committee and the production of specific organising and bargaining […]

Putting Our House in Order

Conference believes that while UNISON has made significant progress towards inclusion of its diverse membership in its structures, organising, negotiations and campaigning, full LGBT inclusion has yet to be achieved and work continues to completely eliminate homophobia, biphobia and transphobia and to promote LGBT equality in everything the union does. Our self organised groups have […]

Blood Service, Tissue and Organ Donations

Conference notes that Resolution 92 passed at the UNISON National Delegate Conference (NDC) 2006, called for a review of research in the ban by the Blood Services across the United Kingdom (UK), of gay and bisexual men from donating blood. Conference further notes that the resolution also asked that UNISON have an effective input into […]

No Waiting Lists and Gender Reassignment Surgery Funding

Conference is deeply concerned that medical treatment in some areas of the United Kingdom (UK) is at times very difficult to obtain or there is no provision or support on the basis there is no waiting list. This includes areas such as Gender Reassignment Surgery (GRS) and haematology, an area of medicine closely related to […]

Freedom of Assembly and Expression

Conference notes: 1.There is a growing climate in various countries, including members of the European Union and/or Council of Europe, for organised opposition to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) pride marches and events; 2.That in some countries, such opposition is being supported by national, regional and/or local government figures and the involvement of far-right […]

Safeguarding Monitoring Data

Conference notes and welcomes the work carried out by UNISON and the TUC on the issue of workplace monitoring, in particular stressing the need for data to be dealt with in a confidential manner. Whilst recommending to branch and regional LGBT groups the need to continue to raise the profile of this guidance at the […]

Self Organised Group National Committees

Conference notes that: 1.UNISON rule D4.6.3 provides that the National Executive Council shall have the right to send women members of the National Executive Council to the national women’s committee and conference; 2.Elsewhere, rule D4 makes no equivalent provision with respect to the other self-organised group national committees or conferences; but, 3.The current National Executive […]