Since the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001, there has been an increase in racist incidents and Islamophobia as a result of a neo-conservative strategy, on a world scale, to provoke a new cold war between the west and Islam and pursue an aggressive military policy in the Middle East. Conference is concerned that this […]


Conference welcomes the provision for statutory paternity leave but notes with concern the low level of take up. Conference considers this is explained by: 1.The level of statutory paternity pay, currently a maximum of £106.00 per week; 2.Limited eligibility – restricted to the baby’s father or the partner of a woman on maternity leave; and, […]


This Conference believes: 1.To be LGBT remains illegal in many countries across the world, with LGBT people facing life prison sentences, beatings, rape, torture and even death; 2.Even in countries where the state does not officially sanction severe repression of LGBT people, homophobia and transphobia can be brutally rife; 3.The UK Asylum system should provide […]


Conference congratulates all activists on achieving the rule change at this year’s National Delegate Conference and welcomes the opportunity to meet at this, our first LGBT conference. Conference notes the interim LGBT committee structure as reported to last year’s Lesbian and Gay conference i.e. 24 regional representatives (1 female, 1 general from each region), 5 […]


Brighton Pride is an annual event which has a week of various activities running up to the march and celebration in the park. Over 100,000 people visited Brighton last year during the week, and over 90,000 people participated in the march. Unlike London and some other cities, Brighton Pride is not a commercial venture, it […]

Disability Equality Duty

Conference warmly welcomes the new disability equality duty that is due to come into force in December 2006, we believe this will provide UNISON with a great new organising tool as well as the opportunity to challenge disability discrimination at work and within public services. It is a strengthened version of the race duty – […]

Prescription Charges and Exemptions

Conference congratulates the Welsh Assembly in agreeing to eliminate the charges that the people of Wales pay for prescription charges. Already reduced to £4 per prescription item, and in the lifetime of the current Welsh Assembly there is commitment to having free prescriptions in Wales by the end of 2006. Conference notes that there are […]

Public Holidays at Weekends

Conference notes that this year Christmas Day and New Year’s Day fall on a Sunday. On such occasions when any part of the Christmas and New Year holidays fall on a weekend Police Officers working shifts receive paid compensation additional to the Sunday, i.e. Tuesday 27th December and Monday 2nd January are effectively Bank and […]

The Social Model of Disability

Many UNISON disabled members that could potentially disadvantage them in the workplace do not identify their individual access requirements. The Disability Discrimination Act definition of a disabled person has recently been extended to define people with MS, HIV and cancer as disabled from a point of diagnosis. We welcome this legislative change as a signal […]

Social Worker Registration

Social workers are now required to register with the General Social Care Council in order to practice legally, and this registration has to be renewed every three years. In so doing they have to complete extensive registration documents that amongst other things ask personal questions within a medical declaration that includes disability status. When completing […]

Facility Time

Conference welcomes the UNISON National project and campaign ‘A Time to Act’. This Conference is aware of certain inequities in the Police Service in the provision of time off for trade union duties and activities. Conference is aware of existing policy as enacted as a result of Motion 22 of the 2004 Conference namely ‘Union […]

Mandatory Testing for Substance Abuse

This Conference notes that mandatory testing for substance abuse has been introduced for all staff in the North Wales Police, with the intention of rolling it out to all other Police services in the future. This is an especially sensitive subject, requiring serious consultation arrangements. This Conference expresses its grave concern that such a procedure […]

Reimbursement of extra expense incurred as a result of attending court at short notice

Conference instructs the Service Group Executive to enter into negotiations at the Police Staff Council to reimburse the additional costs (i.e. childcare) incurred by Police Staff when attending court on behalf of the Police Authority at short notice.

Serious Organised Crime and Police Bill

This Conference welcomes the provision of the Serious Organised Crime and Police Bill which allows for the further expansion of Police Staff into more front line roles within the Police Service. However Conference is concerned that the provision of Police Staff in the role of designated custody officer could lead to the privatisation of custody […]

Facility Time and Shift workers

This Conference is concerned at the continued difficulties faced by UNISON activists who are shift workers. It is likely that shift workers bear the brunt of inadequate facility time because: 1) Police Staff work in posts where release is more difficult because of their involvement in direct emergency service delivery 2) Facilities agreements do not […]