Changes to Shift Allowances – don’t think this will not affect you

Proposals from the employers side to remove or reduce shift allowance from Police staff is a dangerous move which will have an impact on more than just shift workers. Staff who work shifts are paid a shift allowance in recognition of the anti-social hours that they work. This pay makes up a large proportion of […]

117 Aftercare for the elderly and retired members

Conference is concerned at the effects of Section 117 of the Mental Health Act especially as far as it affects elderly and retired people. Section 117 of the Mental Health Act places a statutory duty of aftercare on Health (Health Authority delegated to Primary Care Trusts) and Local Social Services Authorities (LSSA) to provide aftercare […]

Equal marriage – equal divorce

Conference welcomes the vital role of Cafcass staff in safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children during family court proceedings. This includes promoting the welfare of children when their parents are separating or divorcing and can’t agree on arrangements for their children, ensuring the children’s voice is heard. Conference notes that lesbian, gay, bisexual and […]

Bring back diversity

Conference notes that the Police Service, the National Probation Service and the 21 Community Rehabilitation Companies are facing ever deepening cuts. Equality and diversity officers, equality initiatives and diversity training can be seen as easy targets, a luxury for the good times, contrasted to so-called front line services. Conference asserts that equality is never a […]

Police knowledge and experience

Conference notes that police staff occupy a wide range of roles throughout the police service, from Crime Scene Investigators to Intelligence Analysts, from Licensing Officers to Data Protection Officers. Police staff in these and other roles have a wealth of knowledge and experience that they have brought to the role and developed whilst in the […]

Police and Crime Commissioner Elections 2016

Conference understands that along with the return of a Conservative Government comes the continuation of Police and Crime Commissioners (PCC) and their elections in May 2016. In 2012 when the first elections took place the turn out of the electorate was poor to say the least, we believe with many communities not understanding what the […]

Attack on Facility Time

Conference, the Cabinet Office Guidance of Trade Union Facility Time & Facilities in the Civil Service, published in October 2012, by the union bashing Tory government has had a devastating impact on our public sector colleagues in the Civil Service and, as a consequence, our even closer colleagues in the Probation Service who are now […]

Older People and the NHS

Conference is concerned to note that, as a result of a United Nations Directive, services provided for older people within the National Health Service may have to be curtailed as more resources are given to people who are under 34 years of age. This will happen unless more resources are put into the NHS to […]


In February this year research by the National Energy Action group warned that at least 100,000 householders could die needlessly across the UK between now and 2030 due to an inability to heat their homes properly. 75% of those affected will be pensioners which will include UNISON Retired Members. The report from manifesto for Warmth […]

Is VS in the water industry the answer?

The present system of outperformance as practiced by most of the water companies in the UK industry is unsustainable and dangerous to both those working in the industry and the general public. To make more money for our owners the companies keep reducing the workforce either by redundancies, restructures or by leaving vacancies unfilled and […]

Living Wage for All

Conference is disturbed to hear, that despite the introduction of the minimum wage in 1999 by a Labour Government, some employers in the care sector both in the community and private sectors are still paying their staff a pittance. Working in a care home or looking after the most vulnerable people in our society in […]

Terms and Conditions in the Community and Voluntary Sector

Conference notes with concern the insecurity facing workers in the community and voluntary sector, many of whom are low paid women workers. Many voluntary sector organisations provide services via contracts from local government and health authorities, and cuts in public spending are inevitably impacting on the funding of these services and therefore on our members. […]