Shared Service Centres, Remote Processing and off-shoring – A threat to jobs and the Best Value Code on the two tier workforce

Conference is alarmed at the growing threat to jobs and the Best Value Code on the Two-Tier Workforce posed by shared service centres and remote processing of local authority services by contractors and other local authorities. Regionalisation of back office services through call centres is undermining local economies, local democratic accountability, jobs and responsiveness to […]

School Staff Terms and conditions

Conference deplores the Government’s policy of creating “independent state schools” in England which will mean that support staff in these schools, like the staff in city academies, foundation and voluntary aided schools, will not be covered by the NJC Agreement. Conference therefore calls on the Service Group Executive to campaign against all aspects of the […]

Aggregation of all Previous Service for NJC and Scottish Joint Council Staff

Conference notes that NJC and the Scottish Joint Council staff must have continuous service in order to be entitled to any benefits including the ‘long service’ award (an extra 5 days holiday after 5 years service) and that this specifically disadvantages women who are more likely to have taken career breaks and will therefore have […]

Term Time Only Pay

This conference is dismayed that, despite the advances achieved by the schools remodelling agreement, support staff in schools are still treated less favourably than teachers. Already low paid support staff have been financially penalised by the withdrawal of their ability to claim benefits for school holidays, yet the majority do not get paid for the […]

Assessment of Ill Health

Conference notes the trend towards ever more rigorous application of varied standards before allowing access to pensions in cases of ill health While we are keen to explore all reasonable alternative work, especially within the rules of the Disabilities Discrimination Act, we are opposed to the termination of contracts due to incapacity without access to […]


Conference notes that while UNISON has campaigned hard for the defence of the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS), pensions remains an issue which is difficult to raise effectively among young members. Conference also notes that this is undoubtedly in part due to the prospect of a long-term investment of a significant element of income to […]

Increase in Fuel Price – Negotiations

Conference calls upon the National Local Government Service Group Executive and the Scottish Local Government Committee to: 1)Re-negotiate the National Joint Council and the Scottish Joint Council rates on travelling in line with the increase in fuel prices; 2)Lobby for the Inland Revenue rate to be re-negotiated in line with the rise in fuel costs; […]

UNISON in Housing Associations

Conference recognises UNISON’s strong and consistent support for council stock. 2005 National Delegate Conference motion 51 builds on previous policy and continues the thread of Local Government Motion 37 (2004) and National Conference Composite D (2004) entitled “Housing”. Conference recalls the yearly Housing Seminar held nationally for UNISON activists and members. A key aim of […]

Nursery Nurse Pay

This Service Group Conference:- 1)Condemns the continuing failure of the employers to address the issue of Nursery Nurse pay on a national basis in England and Wales 2)welcomes the pay increases that nursery nurses achieved across Scotland and the Scottish Executive’s national review of the Early Years and childcare workforce due to be released for […]

Developing Further Education College Organisation

This Conference notes that further education colleges face significant challenges in securing implementation of national pay and conditions agreements. These have recommendation status only and at least one third of colleges ignore them. This problem is compounded by the unstable and variable funding environment and the business ethos of colleges which are corporations. Over the […]

ALMOs and Housing Stock Transfers

Conference notes the problems associated with Housing Stock transfers. Conference instructs the Service Group Executive to: 1)Produce a report identifying the “star ratings” for all Housing authorities and ALMO’s. This report should highlight any changes in the star ratings since the establishment of any individual ALMO. This report should be completed in time for Local […]

Amendments to Pay Consultation Procedures

This Conference agrees to the following amendments to the Pay Consultation Procedures agreed by the 2002 Local Government Service Group Conference: 8e – Regions – Add after first sentence – “Regions shall be encouraged to hold delegate meetings for branches covered by the pay offer, in order to debate the proposals and how to encourage […]

The Disability Equality Duty and Local Government

This Local Government Conference welcomes the Disability Discrimination Act 2005 which will impose a new Disability Equality Duty on local authorities from December 2006. We believe these duties could help reconstruct a barrier free society and provide equality of opportunity for the millions of disabled people who are in work or wanting work in local […]

Reorganisation of the Health Service and Review of Public Administration, N. Ireland

Conference calls on the Service Group Executive to ensure that assistance and materials are provided for those regions and countries currently undergoing major re-organisation within local Health Authorities such as Primary Care Trusts in English regions and the Review of Public Administration within the Northern Ireland region which has serious implications for the delivery of […]

NHS Privatisation

Our NHS faces its gravest threat from Privatisation. The irony is that it is a Labour Government that seems intent on pushing Privatisation into areas even the Tories didn’t dare. New Labour ministers like Patricia Hewitt now talk openly about competition between hospitals. They have reintroduced the market into the NHS by for example, introducing […]