Conference notes that employees rely on the pension earned during employment to provide a reasonable standard of living in retirement and financial protection for their families and partners in the event of death or ill health. State provision has never been enough on its own. Conference further notes that: 1)The UK is heading towards a […]

Integrated Public Transport

Conference accepts that transport is vital to the social and economic life of the country. However, real social and economic progress can only be made where all modes of transport are fully integrated and serve the people at reasonable cost. A fully integrated transport system should link air, bus, rail and ferry and should acknowledge […]

Work-Life Balance

Conference acknowledges the role played by work-life balance policies in ensuring that public services are exemplars of best practice and employers of choice, meeting the needs of workers whilst also responding to the needs of users and customers. UNISON can use the Government’s focus on work-life balance, and its advocacy to employers of a partnership […]

NHS Funding

Conference welcomes the one billion pounds extra for the National Health Service (NHS) in 2002/2003 that was announced in the pre Budget report. Also that the Prime Minister, Tony Blair, promised spending would continue to rise bringing the rest of the UK into line with other European countries. Conference notes that it will take longer […]

Third Comprehensive Spending Review

Conference notes that the third Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR 3) will report in the summer of 2002 and cover the period 2003-2006 and believes that the three priorities should be: 1)increasing spending on public services and staff to secure world class services; 2)increasing capital investment without using Private Finance Initiative/Public Private Partnership (PFI/PPP); and 3)reducing […]

Rule B.4 General

Add B.4.6: “B.4.6To seek to ensure that members, activists, representatives and staff are treated with dignity and respect at all times when participating in the Union’s democratic structures. Also that members, activists, representatives and staff seeking the Union’s services provided by external suppliers are treated similarly by the providers of those services.”

Positively Public Campaign and Public Residential Care Homes for Vulnerable Older People

This Conference: 1)Supports UNISON’s Positively Public campaign and all the initiatives that have arisen from it; 2)Notes with alarm that public residential care homes are rapidly disappearing and that this has not been highlighted in the Positively Public campaign and needs to be addressed urgently; 3)Recognises the dramatic loss in the number of publicly owned […]

Rule C.2.4 Unemployed Members

Delete first sentence and existing C.2.4.1. Insert new C,2.4.1 as follows: “2.4.1Members dismissed or made redundant from employment within the meaning of C.1 who notify the branch secretary in writing within six months of loss of their employment may acquire unemployed membership for two years from the date of dismissal or redundancy. This entitles them […]

Rule D.1.3 Composition

Insert new Rule D.1.3.4 as follows:- “1.3.4No branch delegate may attend and speak at the Conference as a person in any of the categories set out in Rule D.1.7.” D.1.7 delete: “The following persons shall have the right to attend the Conference and to speak, but not to vote:” and insert: “1.7The following persons shall […]

Rule D.2.2 Regional Representatives

Insert new sentence in italics at the end of Rule D.2.2.1 as follows:- “Each member shall continue to occupy her reserved seat notwithstanding that her pay may increase to a rate above the said basic hourly rate, provided that the increase does not arise as a result of the member choosing to change her job.”

Rule D.3 Service Groups

Rule D.3.1.1, delete “Water” and insert “Water and Environment”

Rule D.4.1.3 Self Organised Groups

Rule D.4.1.3 delete “members with disabilities” and insert “disabled members.” In addition, replace “members with disabilities” with “disabled members” throughout the Rule Book, i.e.: Rule B.2.3, delete “members with disabilities” and insert “disabled members”.

Developing a Young Members’ Organising Culture

Conference acknowledges that young members are the future of UNISON and that it is vitally important they are supported and encouraged to be active. Conference welcomes the commitment being shown to young members by the national Union through the prioritising of organising and recruiting work with young members, including the young members organising and recruitment […]

Campaign Against Privatisation

This Conference believes that the private ownership of essential services is being increasingly exposed for the disaster that it is. The state of Britain’s railways has revealed particularly clearly what happens when the mandatory priority of an undertaking is to maximise the profits of its shareholders. Private ownership can clearly be seen to reduce equality, […]

Rule G.4.1.1 Branch Officers

After “International Officer” insert “Membership Officer”