Supporting Our Members

During this credit crunch we are yet again seeing jobs disappear in our sector despite economic downturns having little detrimental impact on our business. Thames Water and the disgraceful treatment of its call centre staff is the latest example of an employer attempting to hike up already obscene profits. Conference is also appalled over the […]

Welfare Safety Net

Conference believes that the importance of public services is being seen in this recession as public authorities deal with rising unemployment and social need across the UK. However the welfare safety net has been cut back repeatedly over the last 30 years and benefit levels, particularly Job Seekers Allowance (JSA), are set far below any […]


In this the 50th anniversary year of the Cuban revolution UNISON salutes the people of Cuba and their achievements. UNISON commends the impressive advances that have been made in the fields of health care, education, sustainable development and many others. These advances put Cuba amongst the top rank of nations in terms of human development […]

New Challenges for the NHS

Conference congratulates health workers on their hard work, which coupled with increased government funding, has brought about a continuous improvement in the services that patients can expect from the NHS. Waiting times have been reduced to a maximum of 18 weeks from referral to treatment in England, with waiting lists at an all-time low across […]

Public Services

Conference believes that the current recession, caused by the greed and irresponsibility of speculators in the City, demonstrates once again the fundamental importance of public services. Public service workers around the country are on the front line of protecting individuals and communities from the ravages of market forces. In every single service UNISON members must […]


Conference is concerned to hear that the Director of Children’s Services at Plymouth City Council is considering the possibility of setting up academy schools in Plymouth despite having always been against them in the past. Furthermore, it is alarming to hear that the reason for this change of heart is due to Department for Children, […]

Defending Social Europe

Conference believes that Social Europe, a series of European directives developed over the past 20 years covering amongst other things employment law, health and safety measures and equality is under sustained attack. Conference notes that recent rulings by the European Court of Justice, most notably the Laval, Viking, Rueffert and Luxembourg cases, have clearly established […]


Conference recognises that the issue of violence against women is something that many women feel passionately about tackling. Women who are not politically active in other ways attend Reclaim the Night events or support local refuges. Therefore this issue should be used as not only a campaigning issue but an organising one as well. There […]


We remember Thabitha Khumalo from Zimbabwe who as a guest speaker at 2006 National Delegate Conference gave an inspirational speech about the struggles for basic rights that women face in her country. Every year at National Women’s Conference motions are proposed and carried supporting our sisters overseas. In recent years, Conference has supported women of […]


This National Women’s Conference is concerned at the impact that substance abuse can have on pregnant women and their babies. Substances that can affect the foetus are: 1)Cannabis 2)Heroin 3)Methadone 4)Cocaine 5)Crack cocaine 6)Crystal methamphetamine 7)Prescription drugs 8)Nicotine 9)Alcohol Education on the hazards of misusing substances during pregnancy is urgently required and the Government should […]


Domestic violence continues to be a matter of concern to women in UNISON. Despite the fact that there have been many motions to the National Women’s Conference on this issue there are still many of our employers who do not have domestic violence policies for their own staff. Given the increase in the use of […]


Conference notes that The Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) is a new public body which is being created with the intention of preventing unsuitable people from working with children and vulnerable adults. From October 2009, all individuals working or volunteering with vulnerable adults or children will be required to register with the ISA. This will affect […]


Conference applauds the National Women’s Committee for its previously undertaken work on sexual violence and the conference policy decisions to support the work of Rape Crisis. However there is much still to do. Conference believes that rape crisis centres are essential and distinctly different in their role to the government created Sexual Assault Referral Centres […]


Conference congratulates the Million Women Rise Coalition (MWRC) on the success of the 2008 march and rally which saw over 5,000 women and girls gathered in London to protest male violence against women and endemic gender discrimination. The rally was addressed by a range of inspiring speakers from across the country, representing a broad spectrum […]


Ovarian cancer is still the fourth most common cause of death from cancer amongst women in the UK. Every year about six thousand women in the UK are diagnosed with this disease, the majority of these cases only have a few symptoms, which are treated as other illnesses until finally being diagnosed with ovarian cancer. […]