Police and Crime Commissioners: Stage 2 Transfers

Conference is extremely concerned at the lack of Home Office guidance for the Stage 2 transfers of police staff from the employment of police and crime commissioners (PCCs) to chief constables or local authorities. Conference notes that: 1)UNISON wrote to the Police Minister on 11 January 2013 to ask about plans to reconvene the Home […]

Pay Consultation Procedures: Police and Justice Service Group

This Conference approves the report of the Police and Justice Service Group Executive on Pay Consultation Procedures set out below: Pay Consultation Procedures: Police and Justice Service Group 1. This report sets out the Service Group Executive’s consultation procedure with members and branches on employers’ pay offers. The Police and Justice Service Group Conference is […]

Going to a GO CO

Probation members have enjoyed a good working relationship with their employers both on a local and national basis, our members feel valued and believe that they have a good employer. They are however, shocked to discover that the current government does not value them in the same way. The government intends to create going concerns […]

Probation Restructure to Threaten TUPE?

Probation members perform a vast diversity of roles within the Public Sector Probation Service. Our members are skilled, dedicated, and experienced in the supervision and case management of all tiers of offenders. However, should this government’s plans to fragment the probation service as we know it come to fruition, and the staff group is split […]


Conference is aware that health and social care are areas of major concern to retired members and that the changes to the NHS arising from the Health and Social Care Act 2012 will impact on the services provided to older people. Conference notes that UNISON fought a hard battle against the government’s Health and Social […]


Conference is very concerned that women aged 70 and over are being denied adjuvant (ie, additional treatment) chemotherapy in the treatment of breast cancer – the standard of care in younger patients according to a new study. Researchers from Brighton & Sussex Medical School, University of Sussex, found that only 14% of patients over 70 […]


Delete “Tellers will be appointed from amongst the members of staff present” And insert “Conference shall appoint delegates to act as tellers”.

Sexual harassment in the police service

Conference notes the 2012 Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) report The abuse of police powers to perpetrate sexual violence. In particular, conference notes that in the report, it was found that “clear boundaries about what is acceptable behaviour and what is not will assist and give confidence to supervising officers and colleagues to recognise and […]

Tackling transphobia in our police and justice workplaces

This conference welcomes growing awareness of prejudice and discrimination against transgender workers. However, this is still an equality area that is relatively unknown and there is much work to be done within our police and justice service group. Conference notes that a number of police and justice branches are currently dealing with transphobic discrimination against […]

Strengthening self-organisation in police and justice branches

Conference notes the National Executive Council review on strengthening self-organisation, which reported to national delegate conference this summer after two years work. The review confirmed that self-organisation can revitalise union membership and organisation by providing ways for under-represented groups of members to get involved. The review also stressed the importance of integrating equality issues and […]

Breast Cancer Screening

The NHS Breast Cancer Screening Programme provides free breast screening every three years for all women aged 50 and over. At present routine invitations are sent to women up to age 70 and in England the age range is being extended to age 47 to 73. This extension should be completed by 2016. However, the […]

25 Pence Age Addition Payment For Over 80s

On 21 March 2013, Chancellor, George Osborne, made no mention of increasing the Age Addition Payment of 25 pence per week paid to pensioners receiving the State Pension on reaching the age of 80 years. Conference is very concerned that the age addition of 25 pence per week was not increased in the 2013 Budget. […]

Lack of ACPO and APCC voice against Cuts to Policing

The North West Regional Police and Justice Committee is extremely concerned that there is no action/response from the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) or the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners (APCC) at a national level to identify the current and prospective impact on on-going cuts to policing budgets is having on delivering a […]


This Conference notes there is inequality of screening in the the Health Service. Once people reach 70, they are not automatically called for screening, but have to request it. This gives people the assumption that the incidence of diseases goes down, whereas with breast cancer the incidence actually increases after 70. This gives rise to […]

Mental Health within the Workplace

Our activists have become aware of the lack of awareness of officers and staff with regard to mental health issues within the workplace, in particular Staff who are returning to work after illness. Return to work plans tend to be mechanistic and focussed on the basic HR issues with little regard to the individual circumstances […]