Future of Local Government

Conference notes: – 1)The damage that the Coalition’s ‘austerity’ programme has inflicted on local services and local communities across the UK and the future damage that could occur if the plans set out in the Autumn Statement 2014 are followed; 2)The warnings from the Public Accounts Committee that discretionary local services may disappear and that […]

Behaviour and Violence in Schools

Conference recognises that challenging behaviour and violence in schools can have an enormous impact on school staff. Unfortunately most of the focus on dealing with and providing support for challenging behaviour has been primarily on teachers, despite support staff facing behaviour issues in classrooms, the playground and the general school environment. Additionally, specialist support staff […]

Workload in Schools

Conference notes that increases in workload are causing severe problems for many school support staff across the UK. UNISON’s survey of over 15,000 school support staff members showed that:- 1)80.4% (10,804 respondents) said they were concerned about workload. The majority of respondents; 2)74.0%, said they regularly worked unpaid overtime; 3)81.0% of those working unpaid overtime […]

Devolution and Local Government

Conference notes that the Westminster Coalition government’s ‘austerity’ measures are causing devastation across local authorities and other UK public services. UNISON members working in them are facing redundancies, cuts to pay and conditions, increased workloads and increasing privatisation. Integration of social care and health is a further issue affecting all four UK nations. Conference recognises […]

Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

Conference notes that negotiations are underway between the European Union (EU) and the United States on a new trade agreement, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), which could serve as a model for all future trade agreements. TTIP will not just remove trade tariffs but would also harmonise regulatory standards; open markets in the […]

Towards a £10 per hour Living Wage

This conference notes and applauds the major campaign being waged by the BFAWU (Bakers Food and Allied Workers Union) within the national fast food takeaway companies, in partnership with the Fast Food Rights Campaign and Youth Fight For Jobs. The main thrust of this campaign is to recruit and organise young people into trade unions […]

Outsourcing and Procurement within Local Government

Conference we welcome the UNISON model procurement agreement, and we know that a number of Councils have now signed such a procurement agreement. Conference notes that the combination of privatisation and cuts leads to the fragmentation of local services. By getting involved at the beginning of the process it will ensure that information from the […]

Decision to Cancel Strike Action on 14th October 2014

This Special Conference believes that the decision taken by the National Joint Council (NJC) Committee on 9th October to call off strike action due to have taken place on 14th October was a grave error of judgement. In particular conference is critical of the communication with branches and members. We note that: 9th October the […]

Future Pay Consultation

Conference notes that UNISON quite rightly has led the campaign against the Government’s public sector pay restraint policy. Local Government Conference in June 2014 agreed a pay strategy at the core of which was engagement of our membership in determining our pay strategy. The Northern Region recognises the impact of the Government’s pay policy and […]

The decision to cancel Strike Action on 14 October 2014

Conference believes that the decision taken by the National Joint Council (NJC) Committee on 9 October, to call off strike action due to have taken place on 14 October was a grave error of judgment. In particular, Conference criticises; 1)The decision to characterise the “revised” proposals as “the best that can be achieved by negotiation” […]

Future Pay Consultation Protocols

This Conference believes that the decision taken by the National Joint Council (NJC) Committee on 9th October 2014 was a complete denial of the intention and basis of the Local Government pay consultation protocol which sets out the need for extensive consultation with members. Conference further believes that; 1)that in future, decisions to suspend previously […]

Aftermath of the National Joint Council (NJC) 2014 Pay Campaign

This conference notes: 1)The profoundly disappointing outcome of the 2014 NJC pay dispute, which effectively resulted in another real terms pay cut for the vast majority of members across local government and left tens of thousands of the lowest paid on hourly rates still below the current Living Wage. 2)The employers’ proposal that was the […]

NJC Pay Campaign 2016 Moving Forward

Conference condemns the continuing refusal by the government to give public service workers, and particularly local government staff, a proper pay rise. Years of pay freezes and pay caps in local government mean that many of our members are now forced to rely on in-work benefits or to take on extra jobs; in some cases […]

Local Government Cuts – the impact on jobs and ser

Conference condemns the continued attacks on the funding of Local Government. These cuts are the biggest threat to the continued survival of the concept of locally provided services controlled by democratically elected councils. Conference deplores the local government cuts across the UK, leading to:- 1. continuing cuts to local government services; 2. continued attacks on […]