Protecting UNISON Members in the National Probation Service

Conference notes that the National Probation Service (NPS) has embarked on its E3 programme to review and reform the delivery of probation services which it inherited from the 35 former Probation Trusts on 1 June 2014. The purpose of E3 is to design a new operating model for the NPS in the following areas of […]

Future of Police Force Structures in England and Wales

Conference recognises that the next five years will likely see changes to the structure of police forces in England and Wales. Although the Conservative government claims to have no plans to create force mergers, the onward march of collaboration and the ongoing bite of austerity cuts, which are expected to be no less than were […]

Police Force Alliances and Shared services – Learning the Lessons

Conference notes that in 2013 MP Damien Green spoke to the delegates at Police and Justice Conference and spoke about the great alliance going on between West Mercia and Warwickshire Police. As was pointed out the great success he was celebrating was not as great as he was trying to convince us. Not only had […]

Opposing the Collaboration of Force Control Rooms

Conference recognises the desperate cost saving initiatives forces are considering to meet the brutal funding gap imposed through the Governments comprehensive spending reviews. The service cuts being imposed on an already decimated police service are putting our members and the wider public’s lives at risk. The recent attempt to collaborate the Norfolk and Suffolk control […]

Opposing the Closure of Public Access Points at Police Stations

Conference recognises the unsavoury and unpopular cost saving decisions that Police Forces are considering to meet the ruthless funding gap imposed through the comprehensive spending reviews which are being continued by this government. The service cuts are putting the public, our members’ lives and their families at risk. The local Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) […]

Consideration of a Rule Change

The region notes that under Section C no.2.6.3 it specifies that ‘Retired Members shall be entitled to attend branch meetings and to vote on issues not relating to the pay and conditions of members in employment. They will be entitled to stand for office and vote only for the positions in the Retired Members’ organisation […]

Raising awareness of prostate cancer treatment inequalities for older men

Prostate Cancer UK has researched the way older men receive treatment for diagnosed prostate cancer. In their report ‘5 Inequalities/ 5 Solutions’, the evidence produced reiterates the need that the action called for in Motion 16, UNISON National Retired Members Conference 2014, Southport, should be implemented urgently together with more specific action to further the […]

Equal Old Age Pensions for Women

Conference notes that women who paid reduced National Insurance rates or ‘married women’s stamp’ for some or all of their working lives, are disadvantaged as a result of lower NI payments, unable to receive a state pension in their own right at retirement age. Conference are very concerned that most women were not told of […]

Improving the implementation of motions carried by the retired members conference

Each year, Conference carries many worthwhile motions and it is important that they are followed up and implemented to the best of UNISON’s ability. Unfortunately, much Conference time is also spent debating motions which, while not necessarily identical, are often very similar to those carried in previous years. Whilst this is helpful in keeping issues […]

National Police Air Support

Conference notes that the recent restructure proposed for the National Air Support service agreed by National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) formerly known as ACPO. Conference believes this is also supported by the North West Lead PCC. The new structure clearly shows a North/South divide on future provision in this key area of policing. We believe […]

Regional Devolution – The Implications for Police

Conference will be aware that Regional devolution in the North West will be a testing ground for future public sector provision as the funding changes and commissioning responsibilities involved in these new arrangements are put into practice. Devolution in the context of austerity and ever tightening budgets creates a significant concern that there is a […]


Conference notes that delayed discharge from hospital by elderly patients, commonly known as bed blocking is a major problem in many hospitals. Following admission to and treatment in hospital when elderly patients are well enough to be discharged they are frequently unable to do so for two main reasons: 1. some have been admitted from […]


Conference notes recent media reports highlighting the issue of elderly patients who are approaching the end of their lives often being left on trolleys in hospital corridors with insufficient pain relief and left alone to die. Conference agrees this demonstrates a total lack of dignity, care and respect and as such is totally unacceptable. Whilst […]


Conference notes the review of arrangements for the National Retired Members Conference which is being carried out by the National Retired Members Committee (NRMC) following the carrying of Motion 19 (and the remittal of Motion 20) at the 2014 Retired Members Conference. Conference also notes the change to National Rule D.6.8 passed at the 2014 […]


Conference notes that over the last few years it has been evident that the Police Service of Scotland is reducing public services through the closure and centralisation of localised contact, command, control centres, the custody estate and the implementation of a centralised computer system (i6). This has resulted in the collapse of contact, command and […]