The decision to cancel Strike Action on 14 October 2014

Conference believes that the decision taken by the National Joint Council (NJC) Committee on 9 October, to call off strike action due to have taken place on 14 October was a grave error of judgment. In particular, Conference criticises; 1)The decision to characterise the “revised” proposals as “the best that can be achieved by negotiation” […]

Future Pay Consultation Protocols

This Conference believes that the decision taken by the National Joint Council (NJC) Committee on 9th October 2014 was a complete denial of the intention and basis of the Local Government pay consultation protocol which sets out the need for extensive consultation with members. Conference further believes that; 1)that in future, decisions to suspend previously […]

Aftermath of the National Joint Council (NJC) 2014 Pay Campaign

This conference notes: 1)The profoundly disappointing outcome of the 2014 NJC pay dispute, which effectively resulted in another real terms pay cut for the vast majority of members across local government and left tens of thousands of the lowest paid on hourly rates still below the current Living Wage. 2)The employers’ proposal that was the […]

NJC Pay Campaign 2016 Moving Forward

Conference condemns the continuing refusal by the government to give public service workers, and particularly local government staff, a proper pay rise. Years of pay freezes and pay caps in local government mean that many of our members are now forced to rely on in-work benefits or to take on extra jobs; in some cases […]

Local Government Cuts – the impact on jobs and ser

Conference condemns the continued attacks on the funding of Local Government. These cuts are the biggest threat to the continued survival of the concept of locally provided services controlled by democratically elected councils. Conference deplores the local government cuts across the UK, leading to:- 1. continuing cuts to local government services; 2. continued attacks on […]

Living Wage for All

Conference is disturbed to hear, that despite the introduction of the minimum wage in 1999 by a Labour Government, some employers in the care sector both in the community and private sectors are still paying their staff a pittance. Working in a care home or looking after the most vulnerable people in our society in […]

Terms and Conditions in the Community and Voluntary Sector

Conference notes with concern the insecurity facing workers in the community and voluntary sector, many of whom are low paid women workers. Many voluntary sector organisations provide services via contracts from local government and health authorities, and cuts in public spending are inevitably impacting on the funding of these services and therefore on our members. […]