Private Life

As private citizens, our Police Staff members have a right to privacy that right is fast being eroded by intrusive policies within the Police Service. Police Staff employees deserve the right to a private life and no legislation exists as it does for Police Officers which places restrictions on their private life. It is accepted […]

Revitalising Health and Safety

Health and Safety is vital for Police, Probation and the Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service (CAFCASS) Staff. Our direct interaction with the public will often put our members in difficult situations where their safety and well being may be jeopardised. It is therefore important that our employers have robust and effective Health […]

International ties

This conference notes the importance of maintaining contact with like minded trade unions outside of the UK. As the government seeks to utilise policing models from other cultures such as Police and Crime Commissioners, it is important to gain learning from international trade unionists who share our values and have experience in organising within these […]

Hate crime – a workplace issue

Conference notes that over the past decades, the police and justice services have been transformed by union and community pressure into organisations committed to tackling discrimination and promoting equality. A litmus test of this is the understanding of and commitment to identifying and tackling hate crime. This has involved building links with communities and the […]

Putting Equalities back on the agenda

Conference notes with disappointment that matters relating to equalities may have slipped down the agenda in recent years. We all understand the pressures that are placed on members, branches and employers because of the swinging cuts at the hands of the ConDem government and that our attentions have understandably been elsewhere. Equalities is the bedrock […]

No to privatisation of police and justice services

This conference is utterly opposed to the privatisation of police and justice services. Conference notes that privatisation is being driven by the Tory-led coalition government on purely ideological and cost–cutting grounds. Conference believes that not only does privatisation fundamentally change the nature of the service, but threatens our terms and conditions. Conference notes that many […]

Police and Crime Commissioners

This Conference expresses its growing concern about government privatisation policies that will affect the terms and conditions of police and justice staff acting under the responsibility of police and crime commissioners. We welcome the anti privatisation campaign that was launched at UNISON’s national delegate conference 2012 partly in response to moves by the West Midlands […]

Disability Leave and Disabled Police and Justice Staff

This Conference is concerned that public sector cuts are being used to impact on the terms and conditions of disabled police staff through abuse of sickness absence management policies and disability leave policies. An increasing number of members working PCSO’s, CSI, kennel staff, mounted staff, custody staff and others report that police authorities are arguing […]

Young member recruitment and organisation

This Conference notes the organising efforts of branches to increase membership and density, despite challenging climate of reducing staff numbers across all Police Forces, Probation Trusts and CAFCASS. Conference notes the aging demographic profile of UNISON membership makes it essential to recruit more young workers. i)Conference calls on the Police & Justice Service Group Executive […]

Changes in work place demographics

Conference believes that cuts to police budgets have disproportionately fallen on police staff. Swathes of police staff across the country have been made redundant, face redundancy or privatisation. Conference it could be argued that any progress made in the last decade in terms of equality and work life balance has been expunged by the changes […]

Work Place Consultants

Conference, Staffordshire Police like many other forces have had cost saving reviews by private sector consultancy companies at great cost to the taxpayer. The sums range from the tens of thousands to millions of pounds. These costs nationally are justified as necessary to make future financial savings. Staffordshire Police Unison have challenged a number of […]

Chief Constable/Police and Crime Commissioner – Two Tier Workforce?

Conference, in November 2012, the Police and Crime Commissioner will be elected to all police forces in England and Wales. There is much uncertainty and little guidance in relation to the handover and reallocation of staff when this process occurs. Initially, all police staff will change from being employed by the Police Authority to being […]

Winsor Review

Tom Winsor has now published both parts of his review into Police Officer and Police Staff Remuneration. Part 1 recommendations were all about cuts and changes to police staff terms and conditions to the detriment of our members. There was nothing positive offered in exchange for the cuts and changes, there was a vague mention […]

Equality Impact Assessment of LGPS 2014

Conference notes that proposals for the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) were released on 31 May 2012. UNISON’s Equality Scheme includes an action plan which includes (within the Local Government Service Group section) Ref LG 12 which states that it is our target that “All future regulatory changes proposed to the LGPS (Local Government Pension […]

Police and Crime Commissioners

On 15th November, Police and Crime Commissioners (PCC) will be elected across England and Wales and each will replace the respective Police Authority that is currently in place for their force area. PCC will have responsibility for the full budget of their respective force, including where and how the budget is spent in relation to […]