Reasonable adjustments and young workers

Conference notes the important work done by the National Disabled Members Committee in developing and promoting the 2019 ‘Let’s be reasonable’ report which showed the difficulties faced by many disabled workers in securing reasonable adjustments in the workplace. Conference also welcomes the wide range of bargaining guidance, information and resources available to UNISON representatives wanting […]

Prostate Problems

Conference notes that prostate can affect more than one in three men over the age of 50. The prostate is a small gland found only in men, trans women, non-binary people who were assigned male at birth and some intersex people, we also note that data shows that African Caribbean people are more likely to […]

Making UNISON truly disability friendly

Conference believes that Unison needs to be leading the way in helping to resolve the issues that we face as disabled members and making us feel true participants in the workings of our union. Conference notes that: • There are at least 9.8m people with a disability in the UK (source: ONS) • Around 21% […]


This National Disabled Conference notes with concern that the process of applying for Personal Independence Payments (PIPs) continues to be long, arduous and stressful with an unacceptably large number of disabled people still being refused benefit through the PIP process. Conference is further concerned that the staff employed to undertake assessments frequently have little knowledge […]

Disabled people have the right to travel too

Disabled people including our Disabled Members could find themselves losing their Personal Independence Payments (PIP) if they go abroad for a holiday, for work or even to visit family. Current government guidance says PIP claimants need to inform the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) if they’re planning to travel abroad for 28 days or […]

Accessibility on the railway network.

Conference, we all support the RMT in their campaign to maintain ticket offices and the employment of railway personnel. The removal of ticket offices at stations and cuts to railway staff disproportionately affect disabled people. Conference believes that train station offices and railway personnel should not be reduced to protect the safety and wellbeing of […]

Access to Hospital Equipment

Conference notes that a disproportionate number of disabled people have to attend hospital for appointments and treatments. Why, then is hospital equipment not adequate for use by disabled people? For example, for many disabled people with mobility issues trolleys and examination tables do not go low enough and eye testing equipment is often impossible to […]

Inappropriate application of ‘Do not Resuscitate’ Notices – Never Again

Conference notes that UNISON has campaigned vigorously on behalf of disabled people. Disabled people across the UK have a right to equal access to health care just like anyone else. Yet the potentially unlawful use of ‘Do not Resuscitate’ notices for fit and healthy people during the COVID-19 pandemic was discriminatory and put lives in […]

Let’s Raise Awareness

Conference notes the exceptional Trans ally training scheme that our union has created and delivered to many Unison members. Our Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender + (LGBT+) National committee, it’s officers and the Transgender, Non Binary and Gender Diverse caucus must be applauded for the work and effort they have put into the training and […]

Hate Crime Equality

Elevating the offence of assault against the disabled community from an assault to an aggravated assault. We call upon conference to support the motion to elevate the offence of assault against a member of the disabled community from an assault to an aggravated assault by influencing the government to make changes to the law. Currently […]

Make our union documents and language inclusive to national reading age of 9

Conference notes that GOV.UK recommends that written communication is aimed at a reading age of 9 for readability. As a union we use many terms and specific language that people outside the union don’t use every day and don’t always understand. When a disabled person joins the union it is like being in a place […]


Conference – with the publication of the Casey review, and with the first national Police National Database (PND) vetting of all staff and officers recently completed, the omission of the requirement to declare masonic membership still manages to duck the bullet. All staff and officers have to regularly complete vetting forms and declare membership or […]


Conference notes with concern the decision in 2022 by London Pride that the Metropolitan Police could not march at Pride in uniform, and the decision in 2023 by Brighton Pride that Kent Police would not be welcome to march this year. However, Conference also notes the Baroness Casey Review into the Metropolitan Police reported “institutional […]


Conference notes that on the 7th June 2023 the East of England Probation area signed up to UNISON Eastern Region’s Anti-Racism Charter. Whilst the Probation Service has a comprehensive work plan in relation to actions identified in a joint union employer survey on race, the feedback from members has been that the actions have taken […]


Conference notes with concern the delicate balance of safely and securely caring for the welfare of detainees in a dignified and professional manner. The temporary loss of liberty whilst being detained coupled with the circumstances of arrest too often leads to irrational behaviour and self-harm whilst being confined. Tried and tested risk adverse methods of […]