Community Service Group Review

Conference welcomes and gives thanks to the support that members of the community service group continue to receive from many branches and self-organised groups from across UNISON. Conference believes that austerity measures are being driven through the community sector and that this has a knock-on effect to the public sector in terms of both the […]

Violence and Aggression at Work

Conference note: 1. Quarriers workers are seeing an increase in levels of verbal, non-verbal and physical violence and aggression in the work place. 2. Quarriers workers feel they are unsupported and not properly de-briefed after behaviours that are challenging. 3. Quarriers workers feel that behaviours that are challenging are not dealt with appropriately or challenged […]


This conference recognises how far behind our members’ pay has fallen over the past 3 years. To begin to win back these losses, we need to ensure that members are fully informed before we launch a campaign. Our members need to feel that a campaign will fight for something worth the effort and be based […]

Organising LGBT Members in Community

Conference notes that Community is one of the fastest growing sectors within UNISON’s membership and that branch and employer organisational structures are complex and variable. Conference further notes that there are many Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) members within Community: it encompasses many of the workplaces which attract the LGBT workforce, including LGBT voluntary […]

Tackling transphobia

Conference notes with concern that transphobia and bullying and harassment of trans people is still far too commonplace in our workplaces and society. A recent Government Equalities Office survey found that nearly half of trans employees experienced discrimination or harassment in their workplaces and 88% said that ignorance of transgender issues was the biggest challenge […]

Living Wage in Housing Associations

This Conference calls on the Service Group Executive to develop a model agreement to be used with Housing Associations for UNISON Representatives to negotiate Living Wage agreements with their employers. Further to this conference also calls on the Service Group Executive to highlight and campaign on the issue of pay, terms and conditions of apprentices, […]

Resisting austerity cuts in Community

Conference notes the huge funding cuts that the community and voluntary sector is facing, stemming from reduced payments for public service contracts and reductions and disruption in welfare benefit payments. In many cases these are being passed directly on to workers in the form of breaking the link with public sector conditions, pay cuts, removal […]

Community Campaign Organising

This conference notes that Community membership is rapidly growing, not least due to the continual outsourcing of public services. Community needs to continue to develop within the union structures: To increase influence conference calls on the Service Group Executive to: 1. Develop closer working with all national Service Group Executives/Committees in particular, on future campaigns, […]

Organising Disabled and Members with Learning Disabilities in Community

This conference calls upon the Community Service Group Executive to work with Regions and Branches across the Community Service Group (and where appropriate with structures more widely across the union) to organise workers who self identify as having a learning disability and actively encourage their membership within our union. This would further endorse UNISON’s commitment […]

Making auto-enrolment work

Conference welcomes the introduction of auto-enrolment into employer pension schemes and congratulates the Service Group Executive for campaigning on this key lever of social justice to reduce long term pensioner poverty. However, Conference is very concerned at the effects this proposal may have on tens of thousands of low paid Community Service Group members due […]

Vice Chancellors’ and Principals’ Pay

This conference believes that given recent disquiet about boardroom pay and the Prime Minister’s suggestion that shareholders should have greater powers to enforce their views on the remuneration of directors and Chief Executive Officers (CEOs), it is time for the employee voice to be heard on university remuneration committees. This conference further believes that the […]

Effects of Government’s austerity on Black people

Conference notes with deep concern the attacks on Black communities and Black workers because of the Con Dem Governments policies on austerity, debt reduction and the erosion of employment rights. Unemployment figures for Black youths is now at over 52% and an increasing number of disabled people are dying and committing suicide as a result […]

Defending young workers against exploitation: apprenticeships and unpaid internships

This Conference understands that: 1)Young people should be encouraged to take up apprenticeships and internships where these have been properly-negotiated to secure high-quality training, which is effectively monitored, and where the basis for payment is ‘the rate for the job’; 2)The government has committed to increasing apprenticeships; 3)Apprentices under the age of 19, and those […]

Privatisation, outsourcing and shared services

Conference notes the continued use of privatisation and outsourcing in higher education (HE), and in particular the emergence of ‘shared services’, following the Value Added Tax (VAT) exemption for HE institutions engaging in shared services, introduced by the Government. Conference congratulates those branches which have fought positive campaigns against privatisation, outsourcing and shared services. Conference […]

Working with students’ unions and other community groups

Conference notes the obvious shared interests between students’ unions and trade unions: both in terms of general principles and values, but also more specifically a belief in publicly funded and directly provided tertiary education, and secure employment and decent pay and conditions for the workers providing it. Conference further notes the successes and achievements UNISON […]