Opposition to Single Group Funding Principles

Conference notes the outcome of the judicial review gained by Southall Black Sisters into Ealing Council’s decision to withdraw their funding. The finding being that the Council had failed to do a proper assessment of the potential impact of such a move. The Council’s decision was in part based on Government promoted principle that single […]

United Nations (UN) World Conference Against Racism Review

Conference notes the motion passed at National Black Members’ Conference in 2007 supporting calls for a Review Conference to follow up the UN World Conference Against Racism that took place in 2001. Conference further notes that UNISON Black members are working with community – led groups like the Global Afrikan Congress (GAC) and have made […]

Palestinian Workers’ Rights

We as Black members in the largest public sector union in Europe are fortunate that we enjoy access to representation, legal and other forms of aid as a result of our subscriptions. Some of our fellow trade unionists around the world are not so fortunate. The Israeli national trade union centre Histadrut and the Palestinian […]

Amendment to Standing Orders Rule 9.2 and 9.3 Rule Number & Heading 9.2 & 9.3

“When an amendment is defeated, a further amendment may be moved to the original motion.” Change to “When an amendment is defeated, the amendment which follows it on the Conference Order papers shall be moved.” “When an amendment to a motion is carried, the motion as so amended shall become the substantive motion, to which […]

Amendment to Standing Orders Rule 10.4 Rule Number & Heading 10.4

New Standing Order 10.4 “If there has been no speaker against a motion, no questions asked about the motion and any amendments have been accepted by the mover of the motion then there is no right of reply as there is nothing to reply to.”

Black Activist Tackling Racism at Work

Black members are still facing an uphill battle in the workplace; they encounter barriers in career progression, daily oppression from organisations institutional racist cultures and treated differently when raising grievances against employers which lead to the victimisation against many Black members. There is a common theme that for too long employers have been able to […]

Labour Government and the Black Community

The trade union has had a long and historic link with the Labour Party. The current government has lost its way, it is no longer a party for the working class and the vulnerable within our society, also it creates a disillusion and disappointment amongst our Black people in society, a large percentage of our […]

Stop British American Tobacco Industry Eplotation of Developing Countries

Conference notes that In a shocking documentary on BBC2, it was revealed that British American Tobacco Industry (BAT) were promoting the sale of single stick cigarettes in countries such as Mauritius, Nigeria and Malawi thereby attracting children as young as 11 years old to purchase single stick cigarettes that worked out cheaper than the alternative […]

Fears over missing Black Children

Conference applauds the Government’s announcement to introduce adequate measure which will protect and support young runaways and missing children by ensuring that relevant authorities collect and collate data on runaways and missing children which is then forwarded onto a national database. Conference is concerned: about the alarming figures relating to missing Black children. A recent […]

Developing Black Activists to Senior Positions within UNISON Structures

Conference notes the valuable contribution made by Black activists in achieving UNISON’s aim of being an equal opportunities trade union, as well as the commitment of Black members in providing a quality service throughout the service groups. Conference applauds the work done by UNISON in producing a Race Equality Scheme. However, what is being done […]

Communities in Control – Real People Real Power

Conference welcomes the white paper, Communities in Control – Real People Real Power. This Conference further notes the key proposals include: 1.A general duty on councils to promote local democracy through a range of actions which include; clearer information, better trained staff, improved engagement of young people and “more visible councillors in the community”. The […]

Social Housing and Black People’s Needs

Conference, there is a challenge to develop a range of services matching existing and potential social housing needs of our communities, by 2010. However, in the absence of any impact assessment on the social housing needs of Black and other minority communities, it is more likely that these communities will lose out on the grounds […]