Challenging Racism: Challenging Islamophobia

Conference notes that data from the census reveals that Muslim communities face disproportionate disadvantage compared to other groups: the highest rate of unemployment, the poorest health, and the highest levels of disability. This was confirmed in TUC’s 2005 report which highlighted that 69% of Bangladeshi and Pakistani communities live below the poverty line. Research by […]

International Work

Conference welcomes UNISON’s high priority given to international work. This is consistent both with our commitment to oppose war, poverty, oppression and exploitation wherever it arises. However, in a world dominated by the ‘globalisation of capital’, it is also a matter of vital importance to all our members that conditions of workers around the world […]

Progress of Black Members Issues in UNISON

The motion titled “PROGRESS OF BLACK MEMBERS’ ISSUES IN UNISON” Submitted by the National Black Members’ Conference held January 2006 to UNISON National Delegate Conference 20 – 23 June 2006 was not reached at National Delegate Conference June 2006. Birmingham Branch Black Members Self Organised Group calls on the National Black Members Conference 2007 to […]

Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006

As a result of the new immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006, someone who has been accepted as a work permit holder will have to live through five years of uncertainty until the UK Government confirms they can remain here permanently and be granted permanent resident status. Conference believes that it is unfair that this […]