Motion on Revalidation

Conference notes that the introduction of revalidation was a key recommendation following the Francis enquiry. Revalidation with the Nursing and Midwifery Council will come into effect from April 2016, it will affect all 680,000 nurses and midwives who are currently regulated by the NMC. Replacing the outdated system of Prep, will be a challenge for […]

Sustainable Nursing Workforce

Nursing across the UK is facing the perfect storm of increased demand and diminishing resources. A decision by the previous coalition government to slash the pre-registration commission numbers for student nurses has had catastrophic consequences for the NHS now. The age profile of our current nursing workforce means that an average organisation could lose up […]


Conference notes we continue to see the true extent of the Health and Social Care Bill and the Tory Government’s plans for the NHS. We are seeing the widespread privatisation and fragmentation of our NHS. Our members losing their jobs, forced into the private sector where profits are put before patient care. The recent threat […]

Defend Healthcare Student Bursaries

Conference welcomes the decision at the 2015 Health Service Group Conference to call on the Health Service Group Executive to campaign for all nursing and other ‘non-medical’ pre-registration healthcare students to be paid a salary no less than the Living Wage. Conference condemns the announcement in George Osborne’s November 2015, Autumn statement, to end the […]

Pay Campaign

Conference notes that according to Oxfam (March 2014), the five richest families in the UK are wealthier than the bottom 20 per cent of the entire population – five households with more money than 12.6 million people – almost the same as the number of people living below the poverty line in the UK. The […]

Agenda for Change – Tackling Low Pay

This Conference welcomes the decision taken by UNISON National Delegate Conference in 2015 to “push toward minimum pay rates of £10 per hour.” This Conference also welcomes the decision taken by UNISON Health Conference in 2015 to call upon the Health Service Group Executive to develop a campaign to eliminate Band One from Agenda for […]

NHS Pay Determination and Devolution

Conference welcomes the decision taken by UNISON Health Conference in 2015 which acknowledged that responsibility for determining NHS pay is a devolved function. Devolution however does not mean that UNISON is anything other than wholly committed to improving pay in the NHS across all of the four countries in the UK. It is unacceptable in […]

Student Nurses Funding

This Conference condemns the decision by the UK Tory Government to require fees for nursing and midwifery courses to be paid for from 2017 by loans rather than the current bursary system. This callous decision will drive more and more of those people who want to care for the vulnerable in our society into poverty […]

Domestic Abuse: Training for Pre-Hospital Healthcare Professionals.

Conference recognises that domestic abuse, whether inflicted by men on women, by women on men or by same sex couples must not be defended or tolerated in today’s modern society. However the abuse is caused or who causes it, when injury or ill health results and the victim is in need of medical attention, it […]

Increased Involvement of Consultancy Companies in the NHS

This Conference views with disgust, that the large consultancy, legal and accountancy firms have been increasing their financial turnover and profits from the public purse strings across the NHS. Trusts spending on them doubled between 2010 and 2014 to £640 million – enough to pay for three medium-sized hospitals. For all of 2014 the NHS […]

Health and Safety Expertise within Health Branches

Conference regards the health, safety and welfare of workers as paramount across the NHS. Conference believes the successful pursuit of health and safety legislation, regulations and practice in the workplace rests in large part on the efforts of unionised work places. Conference recognises the attempts of government to roll back health and safety provision. Conference […]

Ethical Procurement Policy in Housing associations and Charities

Conference welcomes the news that the Living wage has been increased to £9.40 per hour in London and £8.25 elsewhere. It is right and proper that UNISON is fully behind moves to encourage even more employers to sign up to the living wage. It is not acceptable that many of our members work 35 hours […]

Attacks on Third Sector Terms and Conditions

Following the Chancellor’s budget speech on 8th July 2015 and the introduction of the “National Living Wage” we call on conference to lobby, support and campaign to prevent attacks on terms and conditions of the members working in The Third Sector. The Third Sector is now further under attack from the employers due to the […]

Facility time in the community sector

Conference notes within the community sector it is can be difficult to negotiate paid time off for trade union workplace representatives to carry out trade union duties, particularly in smaller workplaces. Workplace reps are entitled to paid time off to cover trade union duties related to collective bargaining on issues including terms and conditions of […]

Living Wage

Conference notes and applauds the role UNISON has played, and continues to play, in the campaign for a Living Wage. Around 4.8 million people, 20% of the working population, are paid less than a Living Wage – the hourly rate set by the Living Wage Foundation calculated according to the actual cost of living, and […]