Race Relations (Amendment) Act and Implementation of Race Equality Schemes

Conference notes that despite the Race Relations (Amendment) Act (RRAA) and introduction of race equality schemes, employers are continuing to drag their heels and do little to implement positive action. The publication of league tables is still not transparent, in that the majority of employers are not publicising the results. The Department of Health has […]

Learning and KSF in Health

Conference is pleased to note the success of the work to create a learning culture in health branches carried out with support from Union Learning Funded projects across UNISON. To date since 2002 well over 750 learning advisers and reps* working in xx branches+ have been trained. Pilot branches in each region are trialling training […]

Work/Life Balance Organising Opportunities

Conference notes the initiatives being pursued by the various health departments to address recruitment and retention of staff, specifically around flexible working and other initiatives to enable staff to achieve a better work-life balance. UNISON has campaigned long and hard to address these issues on behalf of members and the timing of key initiatives such […]