Increase in Fuel Price – Negotiations

Conference calls upon the National Local Government Service Group Executive and the Scottish Local Government Committee to: 1)Re-negotiate the National Joint Council and the Scottish Joint Council rates on travelling in line with the increase in fuel prices; 2)Lobby for the Inland Revenue rate to be re-negotiated in line with the rise in fuel costs; […]

Local Government Restructuring

Conference understands that a White Paper on local government restructuring will be published in the autumn 2006 for legislation to be implemented by 2008. Conference believes that services in districts and counties in those areas affected will be subject to major disruption with severe cost implications and consequential impact on staff. Public statements so far […]

Private Sector Transfers and the Race Relations (Amendment) Act

More public services are being transferred out of the public sector and as a result members are now finding themselves based in the private sector where the lack of statutory duty under the Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000 with private sector employers results in less protection against race discrimination in the workplace. Conference notes the […]

UNISON in Housing Associations

Conference recognises UNISON’s strong and consistent support for council stock. 2005 National Delegate Conference motion 51 builds on previous policy and continues the thread of Local Government Motion 37 (2004) and National Conference Composite D (2004) entitled “Housing”. Conference recalls the yearly Housing Seminar held nationally for UNISON activists and members. A key aim of […]

Nursery Nurse Pay

This Service Group Conference:- 1)Condemns the continuing failure of the employers to address the issue of Nursery Nurse pay on a national basis in England and Wales 2)welcomes the pay increases that nursery nurses achieved across Scotland and the Scottish Executive’s national review of the Early Years and childcare workforce due to be released for […]

Developing Further Education College Organisation

This Conference notes that further education colleges face significant challenges in securing implementation of national pay and conditions agreements. These have recommendation status only and at least one third of colleges ignore them. This problem is compounded by the unstable and variable funding environment and the business ethos of colleges which are corporations. Over the […]

ALMOs and Housing Stock Transfers

Conference notes the problems associated with Housing Stock transfers. Conference instructs the Service Group Executive to: 1)Produce a report identifying the “star ratings” for all Housing authorities and ALMO’s. This report should highlight any changes in the star ratings since the establishment of any individual ALMO. This report should be completed in time for Local […]

Job Losses – Proper Funding for Local Government

Conference notes the job losses in many local councils up and down the country. Conference therefore instructs the Service Group Executive to: 1)Carry out a survey of all local government branches to identify the extent of the problem and why funding problems are occurring 2)Start a campaign to lobby government for proper funding for local […]

Amendments to Pay Consultation Procedures

This Conference agrees to the following amendments to the Pay Consultation Procedures agreed by the 2002 Local Government Service Group Conference: 8e – Regions – Add after first sentence – “Regions shall be encouraged to hold delegate meetings for branches covered by the pay offer, in order to debate the proposals and how to encourage […]

The Disability Equality Duty and Local Government

This Local Government Conference welcomes the Disability Discrimination Act 2005 which will impose a new Disability Equality Duty on local authorities from December 2006. We believe these duties could help reconstruct a barrier free society and provide equality of opportunity for the millions of disabled people who are in work or wanting work in local […]

Positively Promoting Disability Equality

This Conference notes: 1)That since 2001, all public bodies have – with the passing of the Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000 – a legal duty to positively promoted race equality. This mandate applies to all bodies operating in the Local Government Service Group who provide services to the public; 2)That from 5 December 2005, the […]

Children’s and Young People’s Services

Conference notes the continued prevalence of bi-, homo- and trans-phobic bullying among children and young people and the continued absence, largely, of a positive image of Lesbians, Gay men, Bisexuals and Trans (LGBT) people from children’s and young people’s services. Conference believes that all schools, playgrounds, youth clubs, children’s homes etc. should be safe and […]