Public Sector Pension Funds – Responsible Contractor Investment Policy

Conference notes that the pension funds of UNISON members, particularly those in Local Government and Higher Education are increasingly invested in companies and Private Finance Initiative (PFI) projects that deliver public services under a contract to a public body. Many of these companies employ UNISON members working on such contracts. Because of such pension fund […]

Rule B 1 At Work and in the Community

Rule B.1 Add new B.1.12 “12. To promote and pursue environmental sustainability in all our work.”

Defending, Celebrating and Improving the National Minimum Wage as it reaches its 10th year

Conference is proud of the role UNISON played with other in the labour movement in the creation of the national minimum wage (NMW) which was first introduced on 1st April 1999. Conference believes that the introduction of the NMW is one of the finest achievements of Labour in Government. Since its introduction the NMW has […]

Supporting Show Racism The Red Card

Conference welcomes the President’s choice of Show Racism The Red Card as her project for her term of office. Show Racism The Red Card is an anti-racist educational charity. Its aim is to combat racism through enabling role models, who are predominantly but not exclusively footballers, to present an anti-racist message to young people and […]