Scene Examiners Need More Health and Well-being Support

Conference police crime scene examiners are often one of the first attendees at crime scenes. During their careers they photograph hundreds of scenes and are exposed to a variety of traumatic and distressing situations. Scene examiners are dealing with the examination of dead bodies, close up photography of post-mortems, and fingerprinting the deceased. They are […]

Why Are We Still Waiting?

Conference many of you will be aware that even today many organisations are comfortably functioning in an environment that not only contributes to, but condones racism. In the Probation Service commendable work had been done which revealed that people of colour had experienced racism and the Service had developed a strategy they agreed to immediately […]

Don’t Forget Our Outsourced Members

There are pockets of policing which are still outsourced to private enterprise. This means that there are staff working for our policing services who are subjected to less favourable terms and conditions than those which many of our colleagues have managed to secure through the Police Staff Council and union influence. The staff affected need […]

Trans Equality in Police and Justice – Louder and Prouder!

The toxic debate ignited by the United Kingdom government’s consultation on reforming the Gender Recognition Act underlined the importance of our union, including branches in the Police and Justice service group, supporting and representing our trans members effectively. Attacks on trans rights have escalated further in the past year. There has been a sustained attack […]

Job Related Fitness Test (JRFT) – Not For Police Staff

As a result of the release of Part 1 of the Winsor report, there became a requirement for police officers to prove their ability to remain fit for their role and for this to be tested annually. The JRFT became the test that to be successfully completed before personal safety training could be taken. It […]

Securing the Legacy of the Year of Disabled Workers in Police and Justice Workplaces

Conference notes the success of UNISON’s Year of Disabled Workers 2022. Although the year is not yet complete, we have seen renewed focus on the experience of disabled members in our union, in the workplace and in society, including those in the Police and Justice service group. We have used the year to highlight the […]

Time to Pause and Reflect

Conference, reunification into one Probation Service was a triumph for the trade unions and proof that privatisation has no place in the work that we do. Probation staff in both the privatised and public parts of the organisation absorbed the huge amounts of turmoil and change whilst striving to continue delivering the service to our […]

Protect Probation Identity

The Probation Service has existed since 1907 when the Probation of Offenders Act was passed in Parliament and work that had previously been carried out through missionaries, was given official status. The mantra of Advise, Assist and Befriend gave the Probation Service it’s rehabilitative ethos within which it functioned for many years. The 1990’s saw […]

Resist Any Cuts to Probation Services

Conference was dismayed to learn about the proposed cuts to civil service jobs, the proposals of which are anything between 20% and 40%. Prime Minister Boris Johnson asked his Ministerial team and Permanent Secretaries to develop proposals to return the civil service to the size it was in 2016. It is noted that the Probation […]

Support for Trainee Probation Officers (PQiPS)

Conference notes with concern how many Trainee Probation Officers (PQiPS) are reporting work place stress, feeling inadequately supported, going off sick and in the worst scenarios, abandoning their training. The Probation Service has placed a huge financial investment into recruiting new trainee Probation Officers however, however have failed to ensure that there is enough support […]

Operation Uplift – Career Pathways

Operation Uplift is part of this government’s pledge to recruit 20,000 additional Police Officers by March 2023. As of 31st March 2022 13,576, Officers had been recruited. This increase in Police Officer numbers is having an adverse effect on Police Staff. Many Police Officers are now taking up roles that have previously been held by […]

Tax Allowance Fairness for Uniform Laundering

Conference notes that: 1)Police staff who are required to launder items of uniform at home are entitled to claim an annual allowance from HMRC to assist with the associated cost; 2)Currently, PCSOs are entitled to claim £140 tax allowance but other police staff can only claim £60; 3)Police officers are also entitled to claim £140. […]

PCSO 20th Anniversary

Conference welcomes UNISON’s PCSO20 campaign to celebrate the 20 year-anniversary of the creation of the PCSO role. Conference notes that PCSOs provide a highly visible police presence. They deter anti-social behaviour, provide reassurance, gather intelligence and work with businesses, schools and statutory partners to keep communities safe. PCSOs are a force for good. People love […]

Confusion Over Probation Service Policies and Procedures

Conference notes that: 1)Feedback from UNISON workplace representatives is that there is increasing confusion within the ranks of Probation Service middle managers regarding the use of appropriate HR policies when dealing with UNISON member issues; 2)At present, it would appear that the use of either Probation Service or wider HMPPS policies is a matter of […]

Cost of Living Crisis

Conference recognises that the cost of living crisis now affecting UNISON members in the UK is the worst for 30 years. Inflation is currently running at 9% (March 2022), which is the highest level in three decades. For the value of police, probation and CAFCASS staff salaries not to fall back even further, they must […]