Social Care

SOCIAL CARE Conference notes that from April 2022 National Insurance contributions have risen by 1.5% supposedly to help meet the cost of the NHS and also to provide additional funding for Social Care. Conference further notes that money is unlikely to be available for Social Care in the first instance. Prime Minister Johnson has always […]

Campaign Communication

World War Two, the Coronavirus pandemic plus years of Conservative Government has had a devastating effect on Unison retired members. We receive one of the worst state pensions in Europe even though the UK is one of the richest countries in the world. When we reach the age of 80 we get an extra 25 […]

Now is the time – A Commissioner for Older People in England.

Conference is only too aware having a UNISON steward to advocate in the workplace during difficult times for our members can mean all the difference in the world for outcomes in disciplinaries, grievances and potential dismissals. Having a Commissioner to advocate for Older People has the very same potential to make substantial changes which can […]

More consistent support for Retired Members’ activity

This Conference acknowledges the substantial financial and other support given by the union for UNISON retired members activity, e.g. Retired Members’ Conference, and its other democratic structures and activities, providing staff resources, etc. This Conference recognises, however, that the level of support is not consistent across all branches and regions, and that this can lead […]


Conference recognises that it’s been nearly 2 years now since the BBC announced its intention to remove the free TV licence provision from the over 75s in 2020 [having been forced by the Conservative government to take over the funding of this social benefit]. Since then, the protests have never stopped! Groups including Age UK, […]


Conference is concerned that over at least the last 5 there has been regressive changes to the state and other pension provision and to benefits older people are entitled to, including 165,606 UNISON retired members Just now more than 12 million older people in receipt of the State Pension are worse off after the Government […]


This Conference notes that it has debated many motions over recent years on elderly social care. Everyone is aware of poor pay and training for staff; inadequate care for elderly people needing this help in residential and nursing homes or in their own home. There is a large turnover of care staff and this has […]


Conference notes that data from the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing shows that many of the over-50 population were unable to access health care services during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic in England. A sixth of older people reported having hospital treatment cancelled, with an additional one in ten unable to visit or […]


Conference notes that the Government is still considering raising the age of free prescriptions in England from 60 to 66, in line with the increasing State Pension age. The changes would mean that as many as 2.4 million people aged 60 to 65 would have to start paying for antibiotics, illness treatments and more at […]


Conference notes that in 2022 energy giants Shell and BP made a combined profit of £40 billion while at the same time around 1 million older households were experiencing fuel poverty. It is estimated that rising fuel prices will push an extra 150,000 older households into fuel poverty by the coming winter. Conference further notes […]


Pensioners are people who have served the country as employees, parents, volunteers and carers throughout their working lives and many continue to do so in retirement. Most do not have an organised way to press for justice in retirement although some are fortunate to be retired members of organisations such as Unison. On retirement they […]


The number of people who can remember what health provision was like for ordinary working people before Aneurin Bevan created the National Health Service diminishes year by year. His vision of free medical treatment for everyone “from the cradle to the grave” is as powerful now as it was in 1948. Obviously as time has […]

Violence Against Disabled Women and Domestic Abuse

Conference notes recent advice from the Metropolitan Police force that women should “run away” if they feel unsafe in the presence of a lone police officer in the wake of the murder of Sarah Everard in March 2020. Not only is this advice discriminatory towards disabled women, but it also fails to address the root […]

Mentoring and Developing Grassroots Women of Unison

Unison is committed to proportionality for women but the reality is that in many branches this does not happen. By the time women have done their jobs, looked after the children and their homes, checked on their elderly parents and helped with homework, there is little time to sit and map out what they need […]

Menopause and Black women

Research suggests that there may be some variations for Black women in the average age at which the menopause takes place between women of different ethnic backgrounds. Some studies suggest that symptoms may be more prevalent and more severe for Black women, although research is not yet clear on the reasons for this. Black women […]