Police and Crime Commissioners

In November 2012 elections will take place to elect Police and Crime Commissioners. These individuals will replace the existing Police Authorities in the counties they represent. So far, little has been publicised about this election process, so few of the electorate, including many of our members are aware of it. Whilst this change will impact […]

Local Government services

Conference is fundamentally opposed to the sustained attack on public services resulting from the savage cuts to local government funding being inflicted over 5 years by the ideologically driven Tory led government. These drastic cuts in spending fail to recognize the need of the country to grow our way out of recession and are devastating […]

The Welfare Bill and attacks on housing benefit

Conference notes that the housing benefit changes outlined in the Westminster government’s Welfare Bill will have a devastating effect on many people, including some UNISON members, throughout the UK. The welfare bill proposals, drafted as part of a drive to reduce welfare costs, will leave many people at risk of being driven into debt, falling […]

Defeating the ConDems – a union strategy

The public sector cuts and job losses are not just a response to the economic conditions facing the country. They are a sustained ideological attack on public services driven by a right wing Tory Party who have pulled their Liberal Democrat collaborators into supporting them in the ConDem Coalition. These cuts are an attempt by […]

Opposing the far right

Conference notes the continued threat of the far right and how these extremist groups are exploiting the impact of austerity measures to gain support. In the last year we have seen an increase of attacks on mosques and firebombing of shops owned by minority groups. British Muslims, heavily targeted by the likes of the British […]

Elder abuse

Conference notes that currently the process and systems to protect older people throughout the United Kingdom are only based on guidance. Conference believes adult protection should have the same status as child protection. Every year nearly half a million older people in the UK are suffering some form of physical, psychological, financial and/or sexual abuse. […]

Workfare is unfair

Conference opposes workfare which is simply a charter for unscrupulous employers to exploit workers and maximise profits, forcing people to take up unpaid work under the threat of losing their Job Seeker’s Allowance. Conference condemns the scandalous workfare stories coming to light – such as that of a young woman forced to give up voluntary […]

Campaigning against government pay policy

Conference notes that on 29 November 2011 George Osborne announced a further government attack on public service workers by announcing the intention to cap public sector pay rises to just 1% for two years – after the current pay freeze ends. This at a time when the whole economy annual increases for the quarter ending […]


The public sector cuts have had an unprecedented impact on women, with increasing numbers accepting redundancy and voluntary early severance. Those women who are left in the workplace are experiencing an increase in stress as work pressures mount and bullying, in its various manifestations increases. This is also affecting vulnerable clients, as our professional members […]


Conference notes that despite numerous attempts to ensure that employers have a consistent approach to dealing with flexible working requests, there are still widespread differences. As those most likely to be in caring roles are women, this disadvantages women far more than men. Particularly in these challenging times of financial constraints on employers, it is […]


Conference is well aware of the cuts to services all over the UK and those particularly affecting women. Conference however recognises that cuts to services will affect those in rural communities even more acutely. It is acknowledged that services relied upon by those in urban areas, are even more valuable to those living in the […]


Each year European and UK parliament bring legislative changes forward for consultation and debate. Many of these consultations and legislative changes are not well publicised and it is often by default that women become aware of these forthcoming changes. This conference believes that the more information about proposed legislative changes that can be given to […]


Conference notes with dismay the resurgence of food banks across the UK. In September 2011 it was announced that jobcentres in England and Wales will refer people whose benefits have been delayed, or have been refused crisis loans, to charity-run food banks that will give them a food parcel containing basics such as tinned soup, […]


Conference agrees that violence against women is a crime. All women, regardless of their race or sexual orientation, have the right to live without fear and to be free from prejudice, discrimination and violence. Conference is therefore appalled that in countries across the world, “corrective” rape takes place, where women are raped as a way […]


The budget cuts being imposed on the public sector is having a huge impact on women, two thirds of the public sector workforce is made up of women, who carry out a variety of roles. In some regions almost fifty per cent of the female population is employed in this sector. Those traditional job roles […]