Conference notes with dismay that the result of motion 11 has not produced a response from our National Executive Committee. In most other circumstances the carrying of a vote of no confidence against such a committee results in the committee standing down, or taking other agreed action to restore confidence. The NEC cannot stay silent. […]

Energy Sustainability and the Energy Crisis

We are all aware of the crisis we are facing in the energy industry. With energy cost increases set to continue, the invasion of Ukraine on the 24th February 2022 and continued sanctions on Russia causing gas shortages as well as the continued rise of inflation. It is no wonder that we are seeing more […]

Properly Fund Our Environmental Protection Agencies.

This conference notes that the ambitious environmental rhetoric used by all governments in the UK stands in direct opposition to the long-term fall in resources and support for the country’s environmental protection agencies which regulate and enforce environmental legislation. Why action is needed: For over a decade, our environmental protection agencies have been subject to […]

Rule C Unemployed Members

C 2.4.2 After “Council” add: “providing they have not been dismissed from employment for any act of discrimination or harassment as defined in Rule I 2.3 (i) and (ii).”

The Future of the National Minimum Wage

Conference notes the pivotal leadership role that UNISON and its then general secretary Rodney Bickerstaffe played in establishing the National Minimum Wage (NMW). Conference further notes that the idea emerged from the real experience of low paid public service workers who continued to lose out during the economic turmoil of the 1970s and that it […]

Levelling up

Conference expresses it’s deep scepticism and anger at the Tory government’s claim that they are levelling up the country. UNISON members and the communities in which they live will know only too well that it is the policies pursued by Tory governments that have resulted in the UK becoming one of the most unequal countries […]

Energy Market – Public Ownership of energy retail is key

Since de-regulation we have seen many suppliers come and go within the energy industry and while this was seen as a good thing competitively, there was little thought about the impacts on the energy workforce which has seen thousands of good jobs lost from the suppliers with strong union agreements in place. While inadequate regulations […]

Changes in National Grid

This energy service group Conference notes that significant changes are happening within National Grid that will impact UNISON members who work for the company. These changes include the purchase of WPD (western power distribution) the disposal of its Gas Transmission business and the possible disposal of the electricity system operator function. As a result of […]

White Ribbon Accreditation

Conference condemns all violent and abusive behaviour including bullying, harassment and discrimination. Evidence shows that the vast majority of people subjected to violent and abusive behaviour are women and girls and most perpetrators are men and boys. Despite this gender-based violence is still seen as a women’s issue. Conference recognises that this attitude needs to […]

Trans equality in WET – louder and prouder!

The toxic debate ignited by the United Kingdom government’s consultation on reforming the Gender Recognition Act underlined the importance of our union, including branches in the Water, Environment and Transport service group, supporting and representing our Trans members effectively. Attacks on Trans rights have escalated further in the past year. There has been a sustained […]

Trans equality in Energy – louder and prouder!

The toxic debate ignited by the United Kingdom government’s consultation on reforming the Gender Recognition Act underlined the importance of our union, including branches in the energy service group, supporting and representing our trans members effectively Attacks on trans rights have escalated further in the past year. There has been a sustained attack on Stonewall’s […]

Changes to the Constitution of the Water, Environment and Transport (WET) Service Group

Conference notes that the proposed revisions to the WET constitution have been overseen by the WET Executive and in particular by the policy sub-group, which is made up of representatives of all WET sectors. The key changes to the constitution can be found on: a. Page 2, sub-section 3.3: Sector seats reduced to 3 instead […]

Net zero and LGBT+ members

Conference recalls that the “Net Zero” motion passed at the 2021 WET conference called for the service group to work with all appropriate stakeholders in UNISON to promote policies that support a net zero strategy, including proper funding for a ‘Just Transition’ and a significant increase in employment in WET alongside new skills and training […]

Post Glasgow COP26 – Decarbonising UK Public Services

Conference notes that last year UNISON supported the UK and global trade union movement at the United Nations 26th Climate Change Conference of Parties (COP26) held in Glasgow in November 2021. UNISON supported the International Trade Union Congress (ITUC) by participating in the UK’s observer delegation to the conference and played a successful active role […]

Global Vaccine Inequality

Conference expresses its deep concern at the ongoing inequity in access to Covid-19 vaccines globally. In addition to the strong moral imperative, failure to ensure high vaccine coverage in all countries puts everyone at risk from new, potentially vaccine resistant variants of the virus. Conference notes that sixty nine of the world’s poorest and most […]