This Service Group Conference notes:- 1)That there are currently some 8,500 Craft members in our union 2)That UNISON does not have a place on the JNC or Scottish Joint Council for Craft Workers 3)That on a national basis, effective representation of UNISON members via negotiating bodies does not exist 4)That Craft members are not covered […]

Nursery Nurses Pay

Under 1) add at the end: “in England and Wales”. Add new 2): “2) Welcomes the pay increases that nursery nurses achieved across Scotland and the Scottish Executive’s national review of the Early Years and childcare workforce due to be released for consultation.” Add new 3) 3) Notes the research evidence Nursery Nurses in Scotland […]

Underfunding of Social Care Services for Adults

Conference deplores the gross underfunding of care services for adults in all parts of the UK and recognises that those for the elderly and adults with disabilities are particularly threatened. Conference expresses its deep concern on the effect that this underfunding is having on the jobs and working conditions of our members working in these […]

The Disability Equality Duty and Local Government

Replace C) with: Ensure local government staff who have acquired new skills and responsibilities as a result of the new legislation have these recognised through the Job Evaluation processes and the application of equality proofed pay and grading structures to local government staff.

Local Government Pay

This conference condemns the announcement by the Chancellor, Gordon Brown, that public sector pay rises will be capped at 2% over the next three years and his call for more local and regional flexibility in pay bargaining. Conference notes that: 1)Inflation is currently running at 2.6% 2)Recruitment and retention problems in local government are running […]

Women and Pensions

Conference recognises the current crisis surrounding pensions and all our futures upon retirement. We also recognise that for women the situation is far worse than that of men and are, therefore, grateful for the work that UNISON continues to do with the Fawcett Society on the inequality for women in our pensions systems. Conference welcomes […]

Pay Campaign

We note the 3 year pay deal in Local Government. We also note that the ‘consultation’ period was conducted at a time when many activists were away at Conference. Some branches managed to get out the publicity and also made a recommendation to Vote NO based on information assembled by the respective branch committees. Conference […]

Substitute National Sector Committee Repreentatives to the Local Government SGE

This Conference notes that the UNISON NJC Committee, the Scottish Local Government Committee, the Community and Voluntary Sector Forum, and FE & 6th Form Colleges Committee as National Sector Committees are represented on the Local Government Service Group Executive (SGE). However at present there is no provision for these committees to send substitute representatives. This […]

Housing and the code of Practice on workforce Matters

Conference notes that increasing numbers of UNISON members face transfers to private providers and Housing Associations for delivering of social housing. In England this includes Arms Length Management Organisations (ALMO’s) and Private Finance Initiatives (PFI) and in England, Scotland and Wales, stock transfers to Housing Associations. Conference also notes that local authorities are obliged to […]

Local Government Service Group Executive Report

This conference receives the report of the Local Government Service Group Executive

Review of Public Administration

The Northern Ireland Region call upon the Service Group Executive to ensure the provision of support, resources and whatever else is necessary so that UNISON members are protected under the Review of Public Administration which will result in five Education and Library Boards becoming one. As UNISON should now be looking at increasing its density […]

Private Finance Initiative/ PPPs

We call on the Service Group Executive to support the Northern Ireland Region in its fight for the withdrawal of all proposed PFIs/PPPs and provide whatever resources, back-up etc that is necessary to accomplish this task.

Cycle Allowances

This Conference deplores the situation in which mileage allowances for work journeys by bicycle: 1)are individually and inconsistently set by local authorities across the country 2)are usually set at a rate that in no way reflects the true average annual costs of a bike and associated cyclists’ clothing and equipment, regular cycle maintenance and appropriate […]

The Local Government Implications of the Gender Equality Duty

Conference notes that the Public Sector duties on gender will come into force in April 2007 as part of the wider equalities legislation. The Gender Equality Duty will require service providers and public sector employers to design employment and services with the different needs of women and men in mind. This will be a significant […]

Local Government Reorganisation

This Conference is alarmed at the most recent developments in the continuing saga of reorganising the structure of local government in England. Ad hoc consultations with Council leaders and Chief Executives and statements appearing to favour some form of neighbourhood governance have undermined confidence in the Government’s ability to promote a clear strategy for finding […]