Defending Our Memebers, Our Public Services and Our Trade Union Rights Against the Austerity Agenda

Conference notes the first report of the new Office for Budget Responsibility, released on 14 June, which downgrades UK growth forecasts for 2011 and 2012, highlighting in particular the weak recovery and uncertain prospects of our major trading partners in Europe. Conference also notes the statements of the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, designed […]

Israel’s Attack on the Flotilla

Conference condemns the attack by the Israeli army and navy on the Gaza Freedom flotilla, which was in international waters 90 miles off the coast of Gaza, in which nine people were reportedly killed. We note that these boats were carrying much-needed humanitarian aid for the people of Gaza. We repeat the demand of Conference […]

Devolution and the Impact Upon (Trade) Unions

Conference welcomes the fact that devolution of political and economic powers, in varying forms to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland is now an established part of the United Kingdom. UNISON has always supported devolution and been amongst advocates of further developing the devolution settlement. Conference notes that the potential for different ways of doing things […]

Total Place

Conference notes the trend towards increased integration of public services at local level, originating in “Strong and Prosperous Communities” in 2006, and gradual extension of local authority scrutiny over other public services. This covers almost all local public services, and sectors and service groups of UNISON. Conference deplores the absence of meaningful consultation with trade […]

Social Care

Conference welcomes the rise of social care up the political agenda and looks forward to action from all political parties in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to improve both funding and quality. Social Care needs to be an equal partner of the National Health Service (NHS), the best free care according to need not […]

Unite and Defend Our Public Services

Outsourcing in Public Services

Conference notes the continuing consensus across the main political parties in favour of outsourcing public services to the private sector. Central government “efficiency drives” and attempts to provide local services on the cheap are creating more and more work for outsourcing giants, such as Capita, Serco, Amey, Jarvis, Carillion, NGWSP, Shaws, and NSL, despite the […]


Conference condemns the new Labour Government for introducing a “Pay Freeze,” for public sector employees in 2010/11 citing the economic crisis and £billions spent bailing out the banks as the reason why public spending must be brought under control. UNISON notes that despite majority Treasury ownership, many of the banks are still paying obscene bonuses […]

Better Support for Overworked Branch Secretaries and Activists

Conference recognises the hard work that all UNISON lay representatives undertake to ensure that UNISON members are well supported and represented in the workplace. Conference notes that without the dedication of so many union representatives UNISON would not be able to operate effectively nor meet our key objectives. UNISON representatives are the backbone of the […]


Conference expresses its profound concern that the media and politicians see the solution to the unprecedented economic crisis, and the resulting soaring national debt, is to be found in public spending cuts, marketisation and outsourcing of public services all of which severely damage public services, and lead to rising levels of job losses among our […]

Apprentices are UNISON business

Conference notes that apprentice expansion and the Future Jobs Fund are two key government measures to bring the UK economy out of recession. Conference welcomes the continued expansion of apprenticeships in public services across the UK; believes UNISON is the best union for apprentices; and congratulates UNISON stewards who have been negotiating apprentice schemes and […]

Rule Q Definitions

Add new definition as follows: Income from Employment “Income from Employment for the calculation of a member’s subscription band means basic pay, contractual enhancements and payments from contractual overtime. It excludes voluntary occasional overtime payments.”

Public spending cuts

Conference reasserts its belief that the recession and continuing bleak economic outlook were caused by the greed and irresponsibility of an under-regulated financial system. Conference is therefore alarmed that many sections of the media and politicians from across the political divide continue to blame public spending for the hole in public finances and continue to […]

Defending Public Sector Pensions

Conference condemns the continuing attacks from politicians, the media and employers on public sector pensions. These attacks often use misleading statements referring to public sector pensions as ‘gold-plated’ or claim that there is ‘pensions apartheid’ between public and private sector workers. Conference acknowledges the growing gap between public and private sector pensions, but this is […]

Women and Pensions

Conference notes with alarm the increasing and unwarranted attacks on public sector pensions. Whilst it is true to say that a growing gap between public and private sector pensions caused by the employer retreat from decent pensions in the private sector, it is wrong to conclude that the answer is to level down public sector […]