Recruiting, supporting and developing young activists across the Police and Justice service group

Conference notes that recruitment of young members continues to increase year on year, including in the police and justice sector, with over 27,000 new young members joining UNISON in 2020. Conference notes that young members continue, however, to be under-represented as UNISON stewards, representatives and officers. Conference believes that the full participation of young members […]

Police Staff Long Service Recognition

This motion calls upon the Service Group Executive to discuss with the appropriate relevant bodies a National Police Staff Long Service Award. Whilst we acknowledge that most, if not all forces will have their own long service award arrangements in place, a nationally recognised award is something that many police staff would like to see […]

Vetting Fairness in the Probation Service

Whilst Conference accepts that the re-unification of the majority of probation services as a positive step, this has not been the experience of all members. National Probation Service (NPS) members and now Community Rehabilitation Companies (CRC) members transferring to the new probation service are subject to an unaccountable, arbitrary and sometimes draconian vetting process which […]

Accessing Reasonable Adjustments During COVID-19

Conference notes that a UNISON survey of disabled members working from home during COVID-19, including Police and Justice workers, found that 53% did not receive any reasonable adjustments from their employer to help them to overcome the barriers they faced as a disabled person working from home. Only 5% had help from Access to Work, […]

Homeworking as a Reasonable Adjustment in Post-COVID Police and Justice Workplaces

Conference notes that many disabled staff in police and justice have previously requested to work from home as a reasonable adjustment and been refused. However COVID-19 has sparked a revolution in home working and as a union we need to build on the positives for disabled workers whilst also guarding against any detrimental impact. UNISON’s […]

Enhanced (Time Off In Lieu) TOIL Parity with Officers

Conference notes that police staff often work additional hours and not just on rest days. Often staff need to remain on duty to process prisoners, gather crime scene marks, speak with customers either on the phone or in front offices and many more reasons. Staff can currently only claim these additional hours worked as pay […]

100% Public Sector Probation Service

Whilst conference acknowledges the success of our long standing Keep Probation Public campaign, and are extremely pleased to see the reunification of the majority of the probation service back into the public sector domain. It is important to acknowledge the small but important minority of people that have been left in the private sector in […]

In Detention – Time for an Update

In 2010, research commissioned by UNISON and carried out by Incomes Data Services produced a detailed report that looked at the employment experiences of police detention officers in England and Wales and police custody and security officers (PCSO) in Scotland. The report identified the bargaining priorities for UNISON that represents members working in custody. The […]

Job Evaluation and Pay and Grading

Conference notes that it has been an ambition for UNISON to obtain a national job evaluation scheme and national pay and grading for police staff in England and Wales through negotiations over part 2 of the review of the Police Staff Council (PSC) Handbook. Conference believes that this may not be achievable due to a […]

Officer Uplift Programme and the Impact on Police Staff

The Police and Justice Service Group and our communities were pleased to hear that the Government has started the programme to increase police officer numbers, however, the 20,000 new officers don’t replace the officers that were lost under Tory Government austerity cuts. The Government don’t appear to have recognised that there are several thousand police […]

UNISON Probation Structures

This Conference notes that the transfer of Community Rehabilitation Companies (CRC) staff to “The Probation Service” or Dynamic Framework Providers in June 2021 means it is necessary to change UNISON’s national structures for probation. Since the split of probation services in 2015, UNISON national structures have consisted of two sector committees for probation members in […]

End all Outsourcing in Probation Services

Conference notes that while the majority of Community Rehabilitation Company (CRC) staff were transferred to the re-unified National Probation Service (NPS) on 26 June 2021, some CRC, CRC parent company and CRC sub-contractor staff were transferred at the same time to the so-called Dynamic Framework Providers (DFPs). Conference notes that: 1)As a result of some […]

Facility Time in the National Probation Service

Conference welcomes the success of UNISON’s campaign to re-unify the majority of the probation service in England and Wales and the transfer of most Community Rehabilitation Company (CRC) staff into the National Probation Service (NPS) on 26 June 2021. Conference notes that: 1)UNISON’s membership in the NPS has doubled as a result of the staff […]

Police Staff Council Pay and Reward Review Part 2

Conference notes that Part 1 of the Police Staff Council (PSC) Pay and Reward Review was concluded in April 2017 with the introduction of the 2017 version of the PSC Handbook, following consultation and a ballot of members. Conference further notes that Part 2 of the review was to look at police staff basic pay, […]

Raising the Profile of Police Staff

Conference notes that the work of our police staff members continues to be under-reported by the media, poorly understood by the general-public and rarely mentioned by politicians when speaking on policing in Parliament. Conference further notes that this is despite the fact that: 1)There are 83,500 police staff working for forces in England and Wales, […]