Volunteers in the Police Service

Tayside Police, like many other Forces throughout the UK are currently conducting reviews of efficiency savings. Our own ‘Transforming Tayside’ is effectively a Best Value Review of the business. This BVR highlighted in January 2010 the issue of other Forces utilising volunteers in expanding engagement with the community such as Nottinghamshire and North Yorkshire. Whilst […]

Unpaid Carers

In the UK there are some six million unpaid carers who provide support for most of the elderly and vulnerable members of society, a saving for the State of £87 million per year. Conference therefore instructs the National Retired Committee and calls on the National Executive Council to liaise with the National Pensioners’ Convention, Trades […]

Post Offices

Conference Instructs the National Retired Members’ Committee and calls on the National Executive Council to liaise with the National Pensioners’ Convention, Trades Union Congress and all appropriate organisations to campaign for the cessation of the Post Office closure programme, with particular reference to rural areas as they are often the centre of village life for […]

Right to Private life

As private citizens, our Police Staff members have a right to privacy, that right is fast being eroded by intrusive policies within the Police Service. Police Staff employees deserve the right to a private life and no legislation exists as it does for Police Officers which places restrictions on their private life. It is accepted […]

National Pensioners’ Convention

The National Pensioners’ Convention (NPC) is Britain’s biggest independent campaigning organisation of older people, representing 1000 local, regional and national pensioner groups with a total of 1.5 million members. The NPC’s main objective is to promote the welfare and interests of pensioners, both now and in the future, as a way of securing dignity, respect […]

Trades Union Congress

The Trades Union Congress (TUC) has 58 affiliated trade unions with over 7 million members and states its aims as campaigning for a fair deal at work and social justice. However, Conference believes that retired members of the affiliated trade unions are not as involved in the TUC’s campaign for social justice as they could […]

Improvements to the State Pension

Conference is concerned at the ever-increasing discrepancy between the basic state pension and the poverty threshold. In 2009 the NPC’s figures state that the poverty threshold is £165 pw whilst the basic state pension is £97.25 pw, a discrepancy of £65.75 pw. Much of the blame for this can be laid at the door of […]

Depression in Older People

Conference is concerned that depression in older people goes undiagnosed and that hundreds of thousands of older people may be denied treatment because depression is wrongly seen as a natural part of getting older. Conference, therefore instructs the National Retired Members’ Committee to liaise with the National Executive Council and UNISON’s UK publicity outlets to […]

Hospitals and Wards, Treatment and Support Services

Many hospitals and wards, treatment and support services are being closed or threatened with closure up and down the country. Before hospital closures and mergers started most hospitals were serviced by a good bus service, but now many elderly patients have to travel on two or three buses in order to reach their alternative establishments. […]


This Conference notes the excellent work of UNISON’s Health & Safety unit including its guidance on compliance of sickness absence agreements with current legislation, including the Disability Discrimination Act, based on research by the Bradford University School of Management. However Conference notes that there appears to be a growing trend towards dismissals due to an […]


The NHS Staff Survey, the everyday experience of UNISON members and representatives, and the continuing increase in work-related stress all show that one of the most widespread problems faced by UNISON members is the issue of excessive workloads and shortages of staff. These problems occur across all staff groups, both in direct delivery of patient […]


Conference recognises and welcomes the ongoing campaign to gain recognition for cleaners in the NHS as part of the healthcare team. Initiatives such as the successful UNISON Cleaners Conference 2009 and Clean Hospitals Committees help raise the profile of Cleaners and demonstrate how they play an integral part in patient safety and care. UNISON sponsored […]


This Conference is concerned to learn from the Disabled Members Self Organised Group that inappropriate attendance management policies and lack of understanding about legal duties under the Disability Discrimination Act to provide reasonable adjustments by the employer is resulting in disability discrimination against disabled members. In particular we are concerned that discrimination is leading to […]


The Bury St Edmunds & District Health Branch of UNISON applauds NHS Bedfordshire for balloting its staff on their proposal to set up a Social Enterprise Board. NHS Bedfordshire needed 51% in favour of the proposal, but the staff had other ideas and responded with a magnificent 97% vote against, in a 98% turnout. Conference […]


Conference notes the good work done by UNISON in their campaigns under the headings of ·A Million Voices for Public Services ·Pay Matters ·Keep the NHS working ·Positively Public. These campaigns have been essential in the primary care sector where the threat of privatisation has been the greatest under the Transforming Community Services agenda. The […]